Why Pre-Medical Test Is Pivotal Prior To Opting A Health Cover?

December 27, 2018


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Pre-medical tests are done before issuing a health cover in determining your eligibility for insurance. It is not mandatory that you cannot get a policy without medical tests.  It might sound like the best proposal, but will it be the right thing to do? It is suggested that you opt for the insurer that asks you to go for medical health cover prior as health insurance is the vital component as it shields all your other investments. It is not something you consider it in a haste. When a customer does not go through medical tests, then they have to submit the declaration of good health.

Skipping the medical tests may seem like a considerable idea as it saves your precious time of visiting a diagnostic center but you might end up paying more later. It is recommended that you should opt for the health-insurance medical test before buying a health cover as it will be favorable for you. In case you are diagnosed with a pre-existing condition then you will get to know in detail what all the health insurance covers pertaining to your condition. Though you might have to spend marginally higher premium, but it is advisable that you get covered rather than saving money.

Why Pre-medical Test Important?

Acknowledgment is Pivotal

Skipping the medical tests prior to buying a health insurance might save a few penny, but you will still have to give a good health declaration to the insurer. If you are lying or hiding your health condition then there are serious repercussions on your insurance cover. A claim can be rejected when the insurance company believes that the customer was lying at the time of purchasing the policy.

Pay Lower Premium after Medical Tests

An insurance company determines the premium based on risk awareness. Medical test help conclude the risk for the insured person. If you are a healthy person then you should get all the tests done before opting for any health insurance. It will be beneficial for you as the insurance company asks for lower premium if you show them your medical test report.

Health Cover May Be Deficient

Even if you are a young, healthy customer, no company will offer a health insurance of more than five lakh rupees without undergoing a thorough medical test. The policies that don’t require medical tests usually offer low-value plans. If you are suffering from a health problem and you choose a health cover without knowing your medical condition then it might not cover all the costs and you end up paying more.

The more clear you are while providing your information, the more hassle-free will be your claim. Another reason why you must go through health checkups before opting for a health cover is you will get aware of your health condition. After going through all the medical tests, you will be free from the declaration of good health.

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