Why I Need of insurance for studying abroad?

Students always wish to study abroad for completing their higher students. Most of them live in the dream of getting admission in their wishful universities outside India. Also, it is an excellent experience of studying abroad. Whether you go for a semester or a full year of two years, this study tour will always be remembered by you. The most important thing is to be prepared if anything goes wrong there. What would you do if in case you suffer a major injury or some health problems? There is no free medical treatment out there or somebody to look after your financial needs. Therefore, you need a cushion to let your study continue without any disturbance or problem.

Buying an insurance gives you a sigh of relief because now you know that you and your personal belongings are kept safe. Hence, the insurance plans act as a lifeguard for the students overseas. There are three different types of insurance plans available for the students who wish to study abroad.

  1. Single Trip: The insurance plans lying under the category of Single Trip are valid for 90 days. Not every single trip insurance cover all the aspects of insurance benefits. However, you may be asked to spend extra on buying some more benefits.
  2. Annual Multi Trip: the Annual multi-trip is a better option for the students. As the students go to study in abroad for at least a year, therefore there is a requirement of the insurance plan which covers their expenses for almost a year. Annual Multi Trip insurance plans are valid for a year and are cheaper than several single trip policies.
  3. Backpacker: This is the perfect insurance plan for the students pursuing their studies in foreign countries. It lasts for two years and also covers the student’s one trip of maximum 14 days to home. These type of insurance plans are ideal for the students as they can focus on their studies without taking care of any renewal or payment.

The students can browse the different insurance plans available for them on studentcover.in. They can also compare one plan with other on the Student Cover.

Why is there a need for insurance to study abroad?

There is a huge need of getting insurance in case of any emergencies. Most of the students aren’t able to face the problems financially. They lack money and aren’t able to receive money from their parents at the time. So, the insurance plans come into play when there is a major emergency, and the student is not capable of recovering from it.

The insurance plans cover various areas and provide the financial support to the students.

  • Medical Emergencies: In case you fall sick or suffer from any significant injury then the insurance company will cover all your medical expenses and the treatment cost if you have taken the insurance policy.
  • Cancellation or curtailment: In case of any personal problem, if you need to head back to your home, then the insurance company will bear all your traveling expenses for a visit.
  • 24-hour emergency assistance: As the insurance plans look after the unforeseen events, therefore most of the policies come up with 24-hour emergency assistance. You can call or ask for help whenever you want to.

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