What makes Germany an ideal study abroad destination for Indian students?

September 9, 2022

Neha Borah

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For undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in German public universities, tuition fees are not charged. However, there is a fee for a Master’s degree in Germany if the student wishes to pursue a different subject than their Bachelor’s degree. Master’s Degree aspirants who studied their undergraduate degree outside of Germany have to pay upwards of €20,000. (*US$23,450) per year. In order to cover living expenses, you’ll need at least €10,200 (*US$11,950) per year, but possibly more, depending on your lifestyle, location, and spending habits. 

Here is the list of reasons why Germany is a smart Study abroad destination for international students. 


Become fluent in German

German will benefit you in many ways, whether it is through future employability or self interest. The German language is the most spoken native language on the European continent and one of the most powerful economies in the world. With a global network of branches, German companies are global leaders.

By speaking German, you’re setting yourself up to be approached and offered a job. The German language, however, is widely spoken around the world. Traveling the world and exploring various places is one of the most beneficial ways to grow as a person.


A wide variety of degrees are available

The German educational system offers a wide variety of degrees to suit all interests, in addition to having a large number of universities. German universities place a lot of value on Engineering programs as an industrialized country. Many of these universities offer a wide variety of study programs, and some are international leaders in their fields.

The number of traditional courses at German universities is expanding rapidly due to cutting-edge scientific advancements resulting in expanded study fields. It is likely you will find a program in Germany that covers the topic of your choice, whether it is atoms or mysterious galaxies in the universe.


Tuition fees are low or nonexistent

German universities are the only top study destinations that do not charge tuition fees. This is despite the fact that higher education is becoming a necessity due to the increased demand for highly qualified professionals.

In October 2014, a decision was made that stated that all international students attending a public university in Germany would not have to pay normal tuition fees. The only administrative costs for foreign students are the student contribution, the student union fee, and a public transportation ticket. An average of €250 is spent on these costs each semester.


Keeping living costs low

The cost of living for international students in Germany is quite affordable with a bit of smart financial management and a few lifestyle tweaks. In urban areas, prices are normally higher than in peripheral areas.

If you plan to study in Germany, you will have to worry about rent. The cost of rent can vary depending on the location, but overall, there are many options available to you. Finding a roommate will help you ease your financial burden and reduce your expenses by half. There is no significant price difference between food, amenities, public transportation, and so on.


A legacy of civilization and tradition

German history is rich and complex, with traces found all over the country. The amount of information you know about Germany today probably exceeds your imagination. Throughout human history, the country has played an instrumental role.

Natives of these countries have made unmatched contributions to historical, cultural, and scientific movements that have changed the course of history forever. The opportunity to study in Germany offers you the chance to visit many of these historical and cultural treasures. It will be an unforgettable experience to hear their stories and take away memories that will last a lifetime.


Universities with high rankings

German public higher education institutions number 429, including 106 universities, according to 2018 official records. There are higher education standards in German universities that are above those in the rest of the world.

It is no secret that some of these universities consistently rank among the most prestigious in the world. In addition to the quality of education, these universities offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience during their studies, as well as opportunities to improve academically during and after study.

Due to their long and rich tradition of higher education, they enjoy a worldwide reputation for their teaching and research excellence. German universities are included in global rankings in addition to the traditional top universities. Germany is also home to several of the oldest universities in the world.


A student visa allows you to travel throughout Europe

European students who want to study and live in Germany have the same rights as German citizens and EU/EFTA citizens. This includes free entry, study opportunities, and employment opportunities. You will need to apply for a German study visa if you are not a European citizen. It is necessary to apply for a student visa unless you will be attending a summer school language program. In this way, you will be permitted to reside in Germany for longer than 90 days. In addition, you will be able to obtain a residency permit that will enable you to live and move around the country. The residency permit will also allow you to travel visa-free throughout the entire Schengen Area, giving you access to the countries you wish to visit.

It is recommended that you apply for a student visa at least three months prior to your intended departure (the period during which you will be in Germany). All documentation related to your residency permit will be sent to your university’s regional immigration office. Your residency permit will be issued once you have completed all the necessary paperwork. Student visas, however, must meet certain criteria in order to be granted. Prior to your departure, you must inform the designated authorities if you are traveling to Europe with such a permit.


Education Programs Recognized Worldwide

German universities offer students modern study programs that are structured and delivered in a modern manner. Keeping abreast of the most recent scientific developments enables students to tackle global challenges with confidence.

Curriculums are constantly updated and provided to teachers and researchers in order to provide comprehensive approaches to teaching and research. Upon completing your course, you will receive a degree that is internationally recognized and valued.

All over the world, many employers value your skills and ability. They employ you because they know how well you were educated during your studies, and they trust you with large tasks and responsibilities because of that.


International Student Employment Opportunities

A student can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days per year under German law. International students working part-time in Germany currently make up more than 60% of the student population.

As long as you’re willing to work hard, you won’t need any qualifications in the first place. Since there are so many jobs available, you’re likely to find something. Germany’s students often contribute to the economy through jobs such as tutoring, bartending, administrative work, and babysitting.

If your course does not include a placement year or you do not need additional money to pay for living expenses, you should seriously consider working part-time along with your studies in Germany. By gaining experience, you may improve your employability, become disciplined in your lifestyle, and be able to live independently in the future.


Investing in the long-term

Almost everywhere in the world, German degrees are highly respected and valued. This is reflected in the high employability of German graduates worldwide.

When you graduate, many employers will offer you attractive positions once you earn your degree. As a result of an outstanding education in Germany, they highly trust your professional credentials and believe that you can advance their business. The high demand for graduates of German universities makes them among the highest paid employees in the country.

With a German degree, you can find a job that pays well and is fulfilling, regardless of your field of study or country of residence.


Community with a variety of backgrounds

Other nationals have traditionally settled in Germany. There are many foreigners who work and live here with their families today, and Germans live in harmony with most of them.

Furthermore, German universities attract thousands of international students interested in pursuing higher education in Germany. Nevertheless, in Germany you will encounter a variety of communities, each with its own unique characteristics that will make you see the world differently.

In addition to making new friends, you’ll learn about their traditions and customs.


Let’s wrap up!

Germany has become increasingly popular with international students as the ‘Land of Ideas’. German universities and institutes are among the finest in the world. It is one of the most affordable countries to study abroad when compared to its education quality. Moreover, a range of English-taught courses are available, especially at the graduate level. International students in Germany have access to a range of opportunities and experiences. Aachen, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Frankfurt are student-friendly cities that provide a high quality of life, affordable costs, and a liberal atmosphere.  


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