What is Major Medical Insurance?

May 19, 2018


A Major Medical Insurance offers health insurance for common medical needs. These medical insurance are not covered for your major and rare health concerns. It offers protection for daily and common health ailments. Major medical insurance offers protection for common medical problems like flu, cold or fever due to climate change or any kind of problems related to stomach upset.

Let me also tell you also why you need this insurance. It is simply because for a mere doctor visit and consultation for minor health issues will end up in a hefty bill. So, the major medical insurance is needed to cover all the expenses when you visit the doctor regarding your health.  A major medical insurance offers protection for common medical needs, and this includes benefits like –

  • Preventive medical care especially doctor consultation fees while you go for the regular checkup.
  • Cost for your medicines which are also very expensive sometimes.
  • Emergency medical service when needed.
  • Pregnancy and maternity.
  • Mental healthcare.
  • Hospital charges
  • Charges for laboratory and diagnostics centers when you undergo medical tests as prescribed by the doctor before treating you.
  • Ambulance charges for patients.
  • Charges for rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices.
  • Pediatric health services for your oral and vision care whenever you visit any dentist or eye-specialist.

There are varied types of major medical insurance of every budget. You can also avail them without any kind of gender bias or on the basis of your health history. You can avail varied health insurance plans for your major medical needs on the basis of the claimant age, topographical location, size of the family, and usage of tobacco by the claimant.

Hence, the major medical insurance is the best choice for your dependent family members and children who do not have access to health insurance plan of your employer. So, you search online or contact your agent to provide you the best and affordable deal for your major medical insurance.

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