Travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

April 24, 2018


There are many peoples who are struggling to get medical cover along with travel insurance plan. But most of them fail to get because their medical conditions are pre-existing or past. It is very important to state your full medical history to the travel insurance company if you want to include medical coverage also. Some people never reveal their past medical history or existing medical condition in fear of paying more money. A typical travel insurance plan will not cover your pre-existing medical conditions. But, a customized one can help you get the best travel insurance plan which will also cover for your pre-existing medical conditions too.

Your pre-existing medical condition may include high blood pressure, asthma, Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, breast cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and arthritis. If you follow certain steps then it can help you get a special travel insurance policy which also covers your pre-existing health ailments, as per your budget and needs. Some of the aspects you must consider while you go for a travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions. Some of these are as follows:

Free quote of medical history

Just on the safe side, you must reveal your true medical history to the insurance company if you want to get medical cover for your pre-existing medical conditions along with your travel insurance plan. If you do not reveal the correct medical history then it might create problems and obstacles to the claim you make.

Unpredictable medical condition

All types of medical conditions are unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any time. So, you must prepare to get the insurance for your pre-existing medical condition too for the better.  This ensures that you are safe in the event and also you are not required to cancel your holiday or cancel the medical attention at your holiday place without worry of the budget or medical bills. So, having an insurance for the unpredictable medical condition also will save you from getting huge medical bills.

Buy travel insurances quickly

You must buy your travel insurances along with the medical cover quickly since it never god to buy at the last minute. This will be a bit costlier for you too.

Affordable single trip/ annual policy

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, then a single trip policy is good for you. But if you are traveling frequently, then the annual cover will work out most effectively. This is however very costly but it will make you safe for extra trips during the entire duration of the policy.

Compare and go online

You can check out online for various insurance comparison sites and get the perfect quote for your insurance plan as per your budget. If the pre-existing medical condition along with your travel insurance plan is the main concern for you, then you must consider taking with our specialist’s help. More, you can also contact a broker to assist you in your plan of getting cover for the pre-existing medical conditions. If your travel insurance plan is a bit costly then you may also exclude some of the pre-existing health ailments.

So, you must consider these aspects while you go for an insurance plan which covers all your pre-existing medical conditions. It is highly recommendable that you seek expert’s help.

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