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October 25, 2019


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Not having to ever visit the doctor is everybody’s wish. For it not only incorporates the desire to remain healthy but also to save oneself from undesired expenses. And in countries like the US, where the cost of treatment is very high, medical bills could easily ruin one’s annual budget.

Therefore, in this blog, Student Cover provides you with tips that would help minimize expenses on healthcare.

Tip# 1 – Take your medicines with you

Those students who are already undergoing medication in their home country are advised to take at least a year long stock of medicines with them when going to the US. This is because the cost of prescription drugs is very high in the US. If they are taking prescription drugs, they should also take the doctor’s prescription with them in order to avoid any unnecessary situation at immigration.

Tip# 2 – Always request prescription having generic drugs

There are two types of medicines available – Generic and Branded. The branded medicines cost a lot higher than the generic medicines. At the time, when doctors are to prescribe drugs, always confirm for the nature of the drugs whether generic or branded, and if branded drugs are being prescribed then request for generic version of that drug(if available) which costs a lot less.

Tip# 3 – Buy Health Insurance after thorough research

Health insurance in the US is comparatively costly due to “Cost-sharing principle”. While there is no hard and fast rule to determine which health insurance is the best, one should choose the health insurance plan that provides the best combination of the following:

• Maximum coverage of medical expenses

• Provides cover for pre-existing conditions

• Has low deductibles & co-pay options

• Offers at least 80% co-insurance (For Example, Student Cover’s SC Elite plan offers up to 90% co-insurance in Preferred Provider hospitals)

• Has Preferred or In-network medical providers in the vicinity of buyer’s home location

• Has a user-friendly and faster claim settlement process and ratio

Tip# 4 – Always choose preferred provider

Since health insurance plans provide best coverage when the insured gets treatment from preferred/in-network medical providers, people should do the same whereby they have to pay very less in terms of deductibles, co-pay and get highest co-insurance benefits from the health insurance company.

Tip# 5 – Get vaccinated in US

There are certain vaccinations that are mandatory for every international student that comes to the US.
It is prudent to get oneself vaccinated in the US itself as:

– Proof of vaccination done in one’s home country may not be accepted in the US

– Certain health insurance plans provide 100% cover for expenses incurred in getting oneself vaccinated

Tip# 6 – Make use of Preventive care coverage

A large number of health plans, especially student health insurance plans provide 100% co-insurance for those treatments which come under the category of preventive care. This is because the expenses incurred in preventive care cost less than those that might incur if the person falls sick or gets infected, thereby requiring treatment.

Tip# 7 – Get Add-on cover for Dental and Vision

Health insurance plans generally do not provide cover for treatment related to eye and teeth unless in case of accident or injury. As the cost of dental and vision treatment is very high, one is advised to take add-on Dental and Vision cover so as to save money on treatment. The add-ons are usually less costlier than the standalone Dental and Vision insurance plans.

Tip# 8 – Eat healthy food well

The best way to save money on healthcare is by not falling sick. Following a strict eating routine and eating healthy food goes a long way in keeping one’s body healthy. One should always avoid eating fatty junk food and should under no circumstances consume drugs or other psychotropic substances.

Tip# 9 – Do Regular Exercise

Taking out half-an-hour a day to do mild exercise, be it jogging or walking helps keep body fit and healthy. Regular exercise also helps boost body’s immune system which keeps the person from falling sick. If one is not so self-motivated, he or she can join gym or take up Yoga classes.

Tip# 10 – Get annual checkups done

It is essential to get oneself thoroughly checked-up by a doctor or a physician once every year. The tests and check-ups help identify any disease or infection that a person may suffer from in future at initial phase itself. This allows a person to take remedial action to avoid falling sick in future.

Let’s Wrap Up!

One can save money on healthcare by following the tips suggested above. In addition to getting a good health insurance cover, it is also the duty of a person to do things that keep the body healthy and fit. Regular Check-up is also essential to find out if one is likely to suffer from a disease in near future.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is based on personal research and understanding of the writer. Readers are advised to exercise discretion while taking any decision. Student Cover will not be held liable for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the facts or information given in the article above.

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