The on & off campus Study Guidelines Part I: What to know about US university’s COVID updates for International Students?

April 2, 2021


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It has been challenging and troublesome to understand whether going abroad for higher studies would be a wise choice considering the pandemic’s stressful situation in the outer world. All the study abroad aspirants aiming to enter into any reputed college which offers their selection of subject or course have had a recent stumbling block on their road to fulfilling dreams. Since the pandemic took its dangerous toll over the vast populations globally, entering into foreign lands seems problematic as well as a hardship in itself.

While education in India has become a challenge in itself where the employment opportunity has diminished majorly, if a developing nation like India struggles to meet ends, the outside nations do have their battle to fight. There are many students everywhere who desire to step into universities outside knowing the premier education and employment opportunities prevailing in countries like, UK, Germany, France, Canada, US, Ireland, etc.

If looked closely, there are two groups of study abroad aspiring students; One who are conflicted about the decision making to study in foreign universities, and the other who are desired and determined to go to universities abroad to fulfill their dreams and broaden the scope of learning even amidst COVID. However, there is also more number of students who are willing to study face-to-face rather than sitting in their home country and learning virtually.

Universities abroad are still under significant confusion to decide the mode of learning for the students. Students are now also considering shifting their prospective universities, based on the availability of classes’ mode. It has caused universities in major countries to lose their revenue rates or their country’s reputation, allowing students to cross the borders and physically attend classes inside the campus.

In this article, Student Cover will talk about universities in significant study destinations and their selected mode of learning for the forthcoming session, their implementation of guidelines for securing health and safety to welcome a new and fresh batch of international students along with staff members.

‘The updates on American Universities and their COVID Regulations’    

Countries globally have come to blows with a deadly virus, and the spike in cases once again is causing paranoia amongst the millennials. Aspirants who aimed to score a good college abroad were majorly disappointed. Some colleges decided to continue the teaching, learning, and examination process virtually for the subsequent sessions. While the obtaining-of-visa is a crisis, being hopeless and pessimistic about their future adds to the anxiety level.

Nevertheless, universities in famous destinations have put up the idea to introduce a Hybrid mode of learning for all the international students staying in the country. Below are universities from the US & Canada extending admission for the academic year 2021-2022 to international students and their COVID-related essential guidelines that would help you understand and make an appropriate decision regarding choosing the correct destination for broadening the horizon of your career.


According to the reports stated-in by College Dekho Study Abroad concerning the 2020 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, the academic year 2019-20 saw a significant drop in the number of international student’s enrollment in US universities, whereas the registrations in the year 2018-19 reached an all-time high.

The present guidelines issued by the federal government for universities and their functioning might be a ray of hope for study abroad aspirants and all private universities’ funds.

  • Most US universities have introduced a hybrid mode of learning for students’ fresh and old batch, where there would be an online and offline mode of studying running parallelly.
  • A limited number of students would be called up for the classes with limited seats in labs, classrooms, and coursework dependent on the same.
  • Face masks and sanitization with other social distancing protocols would be asked to follow at all times while inside the campus premises.
  • The admission process and application window would be open for 2021-2022 as per the plan earlier.
  • Entry to the US has been permitted now except for the applicants who have been to China, Iran, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the European Schengen area, and Brazil in the last 14 days.
  • SAT and ACT scores have been made optional in many US universities, which is a relieving factor in this regard.
  • All the campus tours and events related to admission on-campus would either be postponed or moved to virtual mode.
  • All the F, M & J visa appointments in India with the consulate officer in the US embassy have been limited considering the COVID situation worldwide.
  • Most of the US universities have entirely shifted to an online mode of Instruction for the students.
  • US Universities with Hybrid or Online mode of Learning
Country Name of the University Location Tuition Required
USA Stanford University Stanford INR 37 Lakhs & Above
Hofstra University Hempstead INR 17 Lakhs & Above
University of Illinois, Chicago Chicago INR 23-26 Lakhs
Harvard University Cambridge INR 29 Lakhs& Above
Auburn University Auburn INR 19 Lakhs& Above



These are some of the information and updates are known based on the Canadian government’s regulation, keeping in mind the employees and students who desire to enter into the country and pursue their career or employment opportunity.

  • All the DLIs (Designated Learning Institutes) in Canada have been granted permission to reopen so students who got admitted into these institutions can go forward and apply for a student permit visa associated with the particular institute.
  • The people flying to Canada must submit their travel, contact, and other information on an application launched by the name, ArriveCAN which is specifically introduced to keep all the people arriving in the country safe and sound.
  • The Canadian Visa Application Centres (VACs) in all the big Indian cities such as Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad have reopened and resumed their services.
  • There is a choice for students to attend their classes in online mode or attend the classes physically inside the campus after going through their entire quarantine period.
  • All the DLI enrolled students must ensure that their institutes are correctly listed under the DLI category. They are ready to welcome students with proper safety measures and guidelines issued by the government and WHO.
  • Carrying a valid student permit is necessary or has a letter of introduction proving the document as a student permit visa (optional). Remember that the current visa processing is not done at a usual pace due to COVID challenges, although some are prioritized for practical reasons.


Canadian Universities that are open for offline mode of Learning in Campus

Country Name of the University Location Tuition Required
Canada Université de Montréal Montreal B/w INR 6.9-11.4 Lakhs
McGill University Montreal B/w INR 4- 25 Lakhs
University of Alberta Edmonton B/w INR 3-13.6 Lakhs
University of British Columbia Vancouver B/w INR 4-30 Lakhs
University of Toronto Toronto Between INR 12-34 Lakhs

Let’s Wrap Up

All these American universities tend to shift gradually to more plausible and accepted guidelines that help the students experience a more live experience by being physically available in the university, and at the same time keep in check the norms to protect each other from the risk of contracting COVID in a foreign land.

These universities and their criteria are available on the university’s website, enabling one to understand and raise queries accordingly by keeping in touch with the authorities and administration. One must be ready with the technicalities to prepare and gear up for departure.

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Disclaimer: This blog was written based on the personal research of the writer. Readers’ discretion is advised. Neither Student Cover nor the writer will be held liable for any wrongful interpretation of this blog’s content.

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