The on/off campus Study Abroad Guidelines Part III: What to know about Australian university’s COVID updates for International Students?

April 6, 2021


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In the last part of the on/off-campus guidelines for international students’ post-COVID, Student Cover talked about all the universities in European nations that have regulated their set of guidelines for all the previous and newly-enrolled groups of international students. The rules specifically added carrying a COVID negative test by the students to show it to the authorities while entering the country for other students’ safety. Some countries set the regulation for students to isolate themselves as soon as they enter the destination.

The countries abroad are now gradually opening and extending their admission windows to increase international students’ intake as more as possible, enabling the private universities to raise funds via the inflow of tuition fees from students. In this last part of on/off-campus study abroad guidelines, let us look into the Australian Sub-Continent guidelines and the list of universities that would follow a specific learning mode for the newest batch of students and the previous set of international students studying in Australia.


COVID updates for Universities in Australia

Over the years, there has been a surge in the number of students taking admission in Australian universities, depending on the ease of enrollment and a relatively lower range of tuition fees in Australia. More students are now moving towards programs that best suit their preference and a lesser burden on their pockets for repaying a massive amount of academic fees or bearing higher accommodation expenses.

With a worldwide COVID situation, Indian students had to pack their bags and leave their study destination following the university protocols for safeguarding themselves. However, virtual education from thousands of kilometers away set them into anxiety and dread of losing their degrees.

Nevertheless, with things slightly going back to their old self, there are specific regulations implemented that would allow students to enter into the Australian region and access face-to-face lectures/mode of studying inside the campus.


As of present updates and regulations, it has come to everyone’s attention that:

  1. Australia is keeping its borders closed yet, and preparing for the safe arrival and welcoming of a newer batch of students inside the campuses.
  2. Despite travel restrictions into the Australian region, the universities there are providing students with a student visa. The student needs to select and apply to their choice of course and institution, and upon selection, they would be provided with a student visa.
  3. Currently, Australian universities are open to admissions for UG, PG & Doctoral programs.
  4. The international students could begin their programs through online mode if they are willing or have the means to do so.
  5. One can register for their desired university and wait for their acceptance letter. When the restrictions are uplifted, they can apply for a student visa and travel to their study destination.
  6. Australian universities have planned to continue with their implemented learning mode, a hybrid learning mode for 2021. 

   Universities in Australia that are open to Hybrid mode of Learning


University Name


Required Tuition (Lakh)


University of Sydney


Between INR 15-24

University of Melbourne


Between INR 18-36

University of New South Wales


Kensington, New South Whales

Between INR 15-40.5

Australian National University (ANU)


Between INR 15-23

University of Queensland (UQ)


Between INR 13-33.5


New Zealand

According to College Dekho Study Abroad, reports based on November 2020, New Zealand remains on alert Level 1 concerned with the region’s COVID situation. Traveling to the country has been prohibited for people with all kinds of visas. The government is extensively trying to create a safe zone for the students to be welcomed for their classes whenever that could be done.

Curious students looking at the laptop display

  1. The government and university have made special rules for PG or Doctoral students. Only 250 students will be allowed to enter the region to enable face-to-face mode of classes.
  2. The mode of lecture delivery has been expanded. Besides online teaching, universities are also trying for the face-to-face learning mode to enter and physically experience inside campus environment.
  3. Universities in Australia are processing enrollments and granting offer letters to students, but the classes would be conducted in online mode or now.

Universities in New Zealand open to Hybrid mode of Learning


University Name


Required Tuition (In Lakhs)



Victoria University of



Between INR 14-19

University of Walkato


Between INR 13-21

University of Otago


Between INR 13-21

University of Canterbury


Between INR 15-22

University of Auckland


Between INR 15-24


Let’s Wrap up

All these three parts of on/off-campus guidelines for study abroad sum up a basic knowledge of your prospective study destination and look forward to pursuing your career abroad. Some European universities like the UK are ready and geared up to invite students into their campus to explore and experience learning and grow physically in a distant country. However, on the other hand, universities like Germany & Australia are still contemplating on whether or not to open their borders and extend an invitation to the students to begin face-to-face classes as health is an essential factor in all this.

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Disclaimer: This blog was written based on the personal research of the writer. Readers’ discretion is advised. Neither Student Cover nor the writer will be held liable for any wrongful interpretation of this blog’s content.

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