What are the Requirements for Study in the USA

If you are looking for moving to the USA for studying further, then there are certain things you need to fulfill before proceeding further ahead. Packing your bags or collecting the study VISA is not the only thing you need to study in the USA. There are certain formalities and requirements you need to complete if you wish to study in the USA.

What are the Requirements for Study in the USA?

  • Proof of completion of 12 years of schooling in an application form.
  • An English language proficiency test certification (mainly TOEFL)
  • Financial support evidence.

The requirement of TOEFL is usually lower for a community college than a 4-year institution. There is a chance of getting admission in a community college even if your TOEFL score is a little below the entry requirement. Through this process, you can get the admission via English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Completion of ESL courses successfully opens the gate to various academic colleges worldwide. Also, many International Applicants are asked to pass an admission test, usually the Scholastic Admission Test or American College Training Assessment. Throughout the academic year, these SATs are held multiple times. You can register to them via an online method or from US Educational centers.

In case, English is not your Native Language

As mentioned before, the US universities and colleges usually take an admission test before admitting an International applicant in their college. Many institutions ask for success in a Test of English Language as Foreign Language (TOEFL). Others may ask for the completion of their own tests and examinations. Furthermore, always read the catalog of the university or college you are seeking to get admission in to get some more information regarding the admission procedure. The basic test is TOEFL, and this test is at present given in many countries online via computers and paper test is being phased out.

Select A College

Another essential requirement for studying in the USA is to choose the college or university you want to take admission in. You should always take care of two most important factors while selecting the college of your choice. Make sure that the college you are choosing fits your education requirement and lifestyle. If you cannot decide what college you should consider, then you can take advice from US Educational Information and Advising Centers.  Also, you can contact the Student Cover for better advice on selecting a college for yourself.

Academic Considerations

There is no central government office in the USA which approves educational institutions. The whole system is dependent on some non-governmental accrediting bodies which ensure that schools meet the standards. Also, there is no legal requirement that the institution offering legal degree holds a particular form of accreditation. Therefore, it is mandatory to check if the degree you are applying from the institution has a recognition by the government of your home country. Also, professional associations, ministries, or employers approve this degree. In case you wish to transfer from one US College/University to any other US College/University, make sure that whether other US institutions will recognize credits from the colleges you are considering.

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