International Student Education Loan

Education loan or Student loan is a category of loans given specifically to students who wish to pursue a course or a degree in their native country or abroad.

Student Feedback

Below is the feedback given by our student customers after experiencing our products & services.

Siva kumar Chaini

North Texas University, Denton, Texas

When I started my loan process, I heard a lot about Student cover from my friends and Seniors for the abroad #education loan process. When I contacted Student Cover, I was assigned Shivani as my loan expert. At first she started to explain all the processes in a very pleasant and understanding manner, which made me aware about the whole loan process absolutely clearly. She also answered all my queries whenever I had doubts regarding ROI etc. Thereafter, as she promised, the loan was processed very smoothly within 1 week. I'm really happy with the service provided by Student Cover team.

Secured & Unsecured Loans

Student Cover offers both types of education loan i.e. Unsecured & Secured to fulfill demands of each and every student.

Unsecured Loans

Secured Loans

Secured Loans

Loans against property have following merits and demerits:


Lower EMI

Need Property(or any other similar asset)

Risk of Losing property (in case of default)

Rigid loan repayment options

Need co-applicants (for ID proof only)

Lengthy loan approval process

Education Loan Schemes

Student Cover offers loan schemes which are easy to get and easier on pocket. Students can choose among the host of secured and unsecured loan options from various banks and NBFCs.

SC Marvel

“Best for students requiring higher than usual amount of loan at an lowest ROI”


75 Lakhs

Choose Plan

Top Selling

SC Excel

“Best for students requiring high amount of loan at affordable ROI”


40 Lakhs

Choose Plan

SC Crown

“Best for students requiring low amount of loan at affordable ROI”


30 Lakhs

Choose Plan

Why is an Education Loan a Smart Option?

Higher studies, especially abroad, are expensive. Parent’s prefer to pay for it on their own and in the process may exhaust their savings or liquidate their assets. In such a scenario, an education loan offers a better way of managing these expenses seamlessly. We provide end-to-end financial solutions to ensure that managing your own funds or the lack of it can never come in between you and your academic aspirations.

With Student Cover, you get a friend in finance that allows you to fulfill your dreams, easily & independently. More importantly, you get a chance to retain your savings & assets.

Why Education Loan Makes Sense?

An education loan helps students cover costs on their own, earning them the ‘self-made’ badge.

Provides proof of funds & living expenses as well (Vital for visa approval)

Insulates you from the increasing inflation & volatile exchange rates

Families can save their own funds & invest further for better returns

Helps build a better credit score to ensure easier access & better deals on future loans.

Lastly, you get enough time to comfortably repay the education loan

Student Cover Advantages

Education loans that go the extra mile!

Applying to a college abroad is not easy. There are so many formalities involved and you might have hundreds of questions related to the admission process & required education loan. You can keep comfort in the fact that we are always here to assist.

Doorstep Services

Apply for an Education Loan from the comfort of your home. Get complete documents assistance and enjoy a hassle-free application process.

Customized financial solutions

We understand that each student’s needs are different, which is why our educational loans are tailored to meet unique or varied needs of each student.

Fastest approval process

Our loans are processed with the fastest delivery time, so just apply with us and in no-time you will get your loan processed

Dedicated SC executive

Every student is assigned a dedicated executive to get the process moving in the fastest and most hassle-free way.

Our Partners in Education Loan

In order to provide the education loan to students and at most affordable rates, Student Cover has partnered with leading banks and NBFCs in India. Our broad network of partner institutions ensures that students not only get education loans at best possible rates but quick and hassle-free processing of loan applications.


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Am I eligible for a loan even if Co-Applicant is already having any other loan?

Do Banks/Loan companies give preference or benefits to students having admit from Good Colleges/Universities?

Who all can Sponsor me as a Co-Applicant? Anyone working abroad can sponsor or become a co-applicant?

When does the Loan EMI start and what is the maximum tenure for Loan repayment?

When to avail Education Loan?

Why to Opt for Unsecured Loan?

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