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International Student Travel Insurance

At its core, insurance is about minimising future losses caused by unexpected mishaps. Travel insurance exemplifies this principle by providing coverage to individuals who are likely to experience losses while traveling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the travel environment and the lack of control over it.

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Things to look while purchasing Best Travel Insurance



If you are going for a shorter duration then can take a budget plan otherwise opt for a comprehensive plan.



If you are going to a country where the current weather is not conducive enough for foreigners then opt for a plan accordingly.

pre-existing illness

Pre-existing illness

If you already going through a treatment or likely to go through one so opt for a plan including pre-existing illness coverage.



If your trip is likely to be extended then opt for a plan which has an option for extension of the policy duration.



If you have dependents or you are traveling as a family or non-family group, then you may buy a plan for a group instead of individual unless there are some special requirements of other members.

frequency of travel

Frequency of travel

If you are likely to travel multiple times a year then take a plan once for a longer duration so that you do not have to buy it every time you fly out.


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