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April 18, 2018


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There are many students and working professionals who are studying and working in the United States of America. It is the country with glorious educational and job opportunities. It houses the prestigious Universities and Colleges with an equal number of multinational companies and rich sector of Information Technology. When you are traveling to the United States of America for your study and work. Far away from your homeland, please consider taking good care of your health.

If you are accompanied by a good health insurance for the course of your stay at the US then it will relieve you in many ways. It is not possible to keep your health in perfect condition in a foreign land especially when you are far away from the country. So, in this regards a good health insurance is beneficial for you since it takes care of all the medical expenses incurred in the United States of America since medical expense is very expensive here.

There are many students and working professionals who enjoy dual citizenship in two countries. One is of his homeland and other of his workplace that is the United States. If you are having a dual citizenship and living for a long time in the United States, then you can enjoy the health insurance benefits of both countries as well as voting for the same. Moreover, if you are having a dual citizenship then, you are not required to obtain a student visa, and also enjoy the advantages of paying the tuition fee as same as the citizens of the United States.

So, as a responsible US citizen, you will also require a health insurance for yourself. Having a dual citizenship from the United States while you complete your studies or work will also help you get a good health insurance plan from the United States.

Back in 2010, Barack Obama, the presiding President of US at that time considered, that all citizens of the United States must have a health insurance by any means. This was professed under the act of Patient Protection and Affordable Care, also known as ACA, or Obama care. All types of Health Insurance must meet the standards and norms of ACA. Or, you must pay a price for tax file if you fail to pay the premium. Most of the international students are free from obtaining ACA for the first 5 years of their stay in the United State. But if you have a dual citizenship you must abide the laws like any other US citizen and opt for ACA plan.

In the United States of America, you must find a suitable ACA plan which will be specially customized to give you coverage for all kinds of medical conditions. Before for go for a health insurance as per the ACA plans, you need to determine some facts like for which medical conditions you need cover. Higher the wide range of medical and travel coverage, higher is the price of the health insurance plan. AVA compliant plans offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, maternity, wellness and other routine health checkups.

When you take admission at your University or join a company for work, then you must ask the authorities regarding the health insurance they are providing to you. Some of their health insurance plans are commonly ACA compliant.

But what will happen to those who don’t have health coverage from their University or workplace? The best way for them is to search and select a good ACA compliant health plan via It is a government operated online marketplaces to get the best insurance plans for your health. It is also known as the “Marketplace” and this is an online portal to offer details of various insurance providers with their varied health plans. These health insurance plans meet the health requirements and offer coverage.

“Marketplace” offers suitable health insurance plans in categories of – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans on the basis of the medical requirements and offers coverage for your medical expenses.  Here, you need to register online to get yourself signed for a particular health insurance plan.

As a US Citizen you will get every help from the Government and Marketplace also offers you the option to consult with insurance agents and brokers regarding your insurance plans. They will surely accomplish the task of getting an ACA compliant health insurance plan for you.

Your dual –citizenship can also fetch you the short term insurance plans or the “gap insurance” plans. This is far more affordable than the ACA compliant plans. This is a short-term plan available for only 3 months. You will get the best coverage including the inpatient and outpatient services. This is temporary coverage insurance plan and you will be also liable to pay taxes if you are insured with many short-term health plans in a year.

For the working professionals of the United States of America, they may also seek out health insurance plans from their employers. Most of the companies in the US offer health insurance for their full-time and part-time employees with ACA compliant health insurance plans.

While living at the United States with a working health insurance plan, you are also taxable every year. You need to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. In the United States of America, a dual citizen or permanent citizen must possess health insurance plan under the US law. If you fail to possess any health plan, then you must pay a penalty of 2.5% of your annual income or approximately $695 USD per person.

However, the current government is taking steps to amend laws of tax return and a superior solution to healthcare sector of the country.  Through Affordable Care Act (ACA) might have some disadvantages you must consider other options as well to opt for a better health insurance.

Hence, a dual citizenship is quite useful to have access to travel and medical coverage when you travel between both the countries. You also have the option to go for dual society and also the option to work and vote in both countries. However, this has a drawback too, you will have to follow dual rules of both country and also liable to pay double taxes also.

Finally, when you go for a health insurance plan as a dual citizen, you must follow definite rules compulsory to all US citizens.

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