How can your GRE Score help in securing a Scholarship in the US?

April 21, 2021


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To secure a good university in the US is a tough job, especially when you know you lack the financial means to fulfill that dream. It is no mystery that studying in US universities could cost a big sack of money. Suppose you are not part of a wealthy household upbringing; in that case, you need to set your options straight to educate yourself in an expensive country. Financial grants are difficult to achieve but not impossible. Several factors could make one eligible to get access to a hefty amount of financial assistance and acquire the education of their dreams.

The application procedure for getting into a foreign university involves going through several phases; the first one consists of passing the necessary examinations that make one eligible for applying to a university. Now, there has been much deliberation about whether or not GRE examinations hold a special reward of granting scholarships to top-scoring candidates or not. There are a good number of candidates who wonder about their GRE score’s future and ability to grab the opportunity of scholarship or any university fellowship for them.

The answer seems pretty dicey and not accurately fixed. This is one of those conditions that would again depend on the university’s criterion and their guidelines or regulations associated with GRE scores or scholarship programs. It would not be wise to assume that any university would solely depend on GRE scores to grant students financial aid. Instead, other factors and eligibility checklists need to be aware before applying for the applied university’s scholarship program.

In this article, the Student Cover team would discuss GRE scores’ probability of giving you access to the scholarship program as it could give one the much-needed win, what other things need to be done or be aware of for appropriately qualifying a well-deserved scholarship student.

GRE Scores and Graduate School Type:

GRE is a compulsory examination for students who are willing to pursue a post-grad program in engineering in a foreign university. Along with a GRE, an aspirant needs to attempt language tests such as a TOEFL or IELTS. These exams vary from one study program to another based on the university’s preference and selection criterion. University abroad does have their cut-off scores when selecting candidates based on their GRE test scores. If a candidate has a set of good scores that can help him/her at least try for a financial grant, it is worth trying.


While selecting a scorecard as an elimination round of the applicants, the university considers other factors than simply a set of good GRE scores. One needs a good score in his/her TOEFL or, as we say, language test too. Another noteworthy point that many students are curious about is whether the management conducting GREs (Educational Testing Services) award any fellowship or scholarship to the top scorer? The answer remains no as they are the only source who is allowing appearing for these tests. However, the actual deciding figure remains the institutions or universities that are teaching a particular study program. The scholarship program by the agencies, institutions, or the federal government decides how much financial aid would be granted to a candidate for studying at a particular university.

It is not the fact that your GRE scores do not hold any importance; otherwise, why would they be conducted. However, thinking that top GRE scores would help get the financial aid is not how things work. Your undergrad. GPA scores and an excellent academic record, amongst other things, make you eligible to get through the competition with other applicants in line for the financial grant.

Several US agencies explicitly made Indian students, such as The United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF), handling the scholarship program and granting operating the Fulbright scholarship to the Indian Students. They are helping capable students with financial aid to study in the US and help shape a promising career. Moreover, prestigious names in universities such as Princeton, Columbia offer their applicants a separate financial aid program. They define their eligibility based on their standards.

The following essential thing to focus on is how to ace your GRE tests to make an aspirant capable of entering into a scholarship program and compete with other aspirants. However, some universities mention first-hand that they do not require international students to attempt a GMAT or GRE. Instead, they ask a candidate to prove their academic ability with previous records and participation in any exemplary educational event or work.

The scholarship programs are dependent on the universities one is applying to pursue their post-graduation. GRE scores might become a deciding factor in such universities, leading to a grant of only 50 percent financial grant. However, Instead, they review the applications from various applicants’. According to the candidate’s eligibility and financial need, a specific scholarship is matched to the application. Hence, one could always choose to send their GRE scores with applications. However, it would depend on the university’s guidelines for granting financial aid to a student.


What else to Know?

There are other factors to consider apart from GRE scores to enter into a scholarship program. One requires a commendable academic record so that the university knows of your worthy application in their university for a selected post-grad program. Here is what to look at in the eligible checklist:

  1. Please go through the applied university’s website and read in their guidelines whether they have GRE examination criteria based on that decide the test scores which would be best fit o choose the university and their scholarship grant.
  2. It would help if you also had a good language test score in association with GRE scores.
  3. Your application will also be reviewed in comparison to the academic performance and application of other candidates.
  4. Spend a reasonable amount of time on your Letter of Recommendations and Statement of Purpose
  5. You need to thoroughly research the number of Scholarships available in the US or in the university you tend to apply to.
  6. You need to present any research work done in your undergrad to show your researching skills to the university admissions department.


Let’s Wrap Up!

GRE scores are significant when one is applying for a post-grad program in an overseas university. These test scores qualify an individual as an eligible candidate to understand the academic curriculum in abroad universities and judge candidates’ knowledge in a specific field.

Scholarship programs can help one a lot in affording higher education in the US. It enables one to afford at least the living cost or eating or other miscellaneous expenses. However, you cannot solely depend on the GRE scores for getting through the program, but consider other factors and do thorough research on the scholarship programs or various other financial aid available.

All these researchers can help understand the university’s criteria, which would suit you the best, and the study program you wish to pursue.

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