Dental Plans for Students and Individuals

“They say smile creates your first impression”. Teeth are one of the most important part of our body, any injury or general illness to sound and natural teeth are automatically covered under an insurance plan but when it comes to treatments like cavity filling, teeth cleaning, root canal etc. or routine check-ups are generally not covered in any health insurance plan. So Student Cover brings to you cost effective and comprehensive dental insurance and discounts plans.

Student Cover Dental Plans

"Comprehensive and Cost Effective Dental Plans"

Dental plans comes in different options like dental saving and dental insurance plans, choosing the right type of dental plan is important
Dental Saving & Insurance Plan By International Provider

#Saving plans also called as discount plans
#Dental discounts without any waiting period
#Expect saving of about 10-60%
#Get reduced rates for regular checkups, restorations treatments, specialists, cosmetic treatments
#Unexpected dental emergencies
#Vision discounts benefits also available

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Dental Insurance Plan By Indian Provider

#Benefits of upto $500 & $1000
#No waiting period
#Plans start when your travel starts
#Annual coverage benefit
#Unexpected dental emergencies
#Would work worldwide
#Underwritten by ICICI Lombard
#Additional Benefits of Study Interruption and Bail Bond

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