Delhi Government’s Special Vaccine Drive for Study Abroad Aspirants

June 16, 2021


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Post the Indian Union Health Ministry’s announcement last week of a special vaccine drive for all the international travelers, the country capital Delhi has taken up the initiative to organize a particular vaccine drive at a centre specifically for all the students and people scheduled to travel abroad for employment education or participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

On Sunday, the deputy chief minister of the Capital, Manish Sisodia, announced that a specific centre in Delhi would be wholly dedicated to giving the first or second vaccine jabs to all the internationally traveling students and other people. Moreover, as per the SOP generated by the Union Health Ministry, the deputy minister announced the second dose of vaccine by the people willing to resume their work and travel overseas for the same.

The vaccine drive has begun in the capital on 14th June 2021, and the Delhi government has set up Navyug School on Mandir Marg as the centre for COVID vaccination second dose. The people who are willing to get themselves vaccinated with their second dose must carry necessary documents and a passport to show proof of their traveling to a foreign destination. As already stated by the Union Health Ministry, this facility will be available till the 31st of August.

Students, athletes, and people going for jobs abroad can get their vaccine at this centre between 28 to 84 days from the day of their first vaccine dose. Those who wish to receive the vaccine must visit the centre early and get their tokens, as the vaccination is based on a token system. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning to receive the vaccine and not miss out on the opportunity.

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