Comparing Accommodations for 
International Students in the US!

Accommodation is one of the most basic needs for an International student in the US. In this article, various aspects of accommodation have been touched upon. The two main options for International Students are:

  • On-campus
  • Off-campus

Below are the various aspects segregated according to the above two accommodation options. These aspects will help you in making an informed decision, which you will be proud of in coming months.

Advantages and disadvantages of On-campus:


  • Ready to move Students know what is available and what to bring along
  • Permanent address in advance Students can use the address for deliveries even before landing in the US like school books, equipment, furniture, Insurance ID cards etc.
  • Good social interaction They can make advantageous use of having a good social network by built by being in the middle of fellow students all the time.
  • No commuting expenses They can save commuting expenses which they would incur if living outside campus.
  • Minimum daily meal expenses The daily meals are sorted and that too at a very reasonable rate.
  • No distractions of maintenance of rental homes Students need not to worry about the maintenance and other related costs of living.


  • Compromise on privacy and likeness Students have to compromise on privacy and also they have to make peace with the unlikeable things in the hostel facility like rooms, food, bathrooms etc.
  • High fees for on-campus accommodation There may be a high fees charged by the University for the provision of on-campus hostel.

Advantages and disadvantages of Off-campus


  • Rent according to one’s budget Students can choose the accommodation according to their budget and save a lot of money on the same.
  • Right to choose room partner(s) They can choose the partners with whom they want to share their accommodation.
  • No compromise on privacy They can choose to live alone and make good use of their privacy.
  • No restrictions of the University housing rules Students are not restricted under any housing rules and can make rules according to their own convenience.


  • Increased commute expenses & time Commuting from the accommodation might be expensive and time-consuming as well.
  • Higher meal expenses Daily meal expenses might also be not as low as in the On-campus facility.
  • Weak social well-being Students would get to interact with fellow students only during school time as they miss out on building a friendship during off hours which can put a hit on their social well-being.

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