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Checked-in Baggage Insurance

Check-in Baggage insurance is an essential component of comprehensive travel plans that traditional travel insurance does not cover, but we at StudentCover do. It offers financial assistance in the event of baggage loss, damage, or delay during the journey, including reimbursement for lost or stolen items, valuable electronics, and necessities during delays. Students can travel with confidence knowing that their belongings are protected against unforeseen incidents with this coverage.

We also have a 'No Question Asked' policy when it comes to claim settlement on Damaged or delayed Baggage

checked-in baggage insurance

Exclusive Travel + Plans from Student Cover

Student Cover offers top-of-the-line bundled insurance plans that prioritise travel benefits coverage. These plans have been meticulously crafted after extensive research and valuable insights gained from decades of practical experience and market-rich knowledge of travellers.

Travel Standard

Provides coverage for basic travel-related incidents

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Travel Plus

Provides more comprehensive coverage than basic travel insurance

Premium starts from



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