Best Company to Get Overseas Student Medical Insurance

September 23, 2017


Medical Insurance

If you wish to go abroad for higher studies, then you need to prepare yourself for studying in a foreign country. As you are heading out of your home, many unforeseen events might be waiting to make your out of home living experience bumpy and uncomfortable. You never know what might happen in a new place among strangers? “Therefore it is always urged to play safe even if the game is going in your hands”. Same goes with study plan of going abroad. The very first thing you should be concerned about protecting is your physical body which includes protection of your health. It is essential to opt for a health insurance as you’ll be in a foreign land with no one to look after you in a place where you have never lived before.

So, to maintain a safe distance from these risks, it is urged to sign up for medical insurance. There are many companies in India which provide overseas student health insurance. The main thing is to decide which insurance plan to pick from the given choices. You can browse through the different medical insurance plans on The Student Cover is the location where you can compare two or more insurance policies and go after which insurance policy you need to buy. When there are many options, the website of Student Cover plays a significant role by helping in deciding what to buy.

In India, many insurance companies are providing the medical insurance to the students who wish to go abroad for their higher studies. In comparison to foreign countries, the cost of insurance is lower in India than abroad. Therefore it is always suggested to get their insurance policies from India before shifting overseas. Some of these companies providing the medical insurance plans in India are mentioned below.

Best Company to Get Overseas Student Medical Insurance

  1. ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Insurance

ICICI is one of the leading insurance providing companies in India. Also, considering the fact, it has the highest claim settlement ratio among insurers. To offer the best health care in the US, the company has joined hands with the best health care in the country. Furthermore, it has a tie-up with over 500 universities worldwide.

  1. TATA AIG Student Guard Plus

TATA AIG is famous for providing insurance policies to the students who study outside the country. The TATA AIG medical insurance is specially designed for the safety of students in foreign countries. The company has a very vast network and also holds 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance.

  1. BAJAJ Allianz Student Elite Plan

Bajaj has become a reliable insurance providing company lately. The BAJAJ Allianz Student Elite Plan is such plan designed for the students who study overseas or wishing to do so. It also has a specification of tailor-made plans. You can alter the plan as per your need.

  1. Apollo Munich Insurance Plans

Apollo has started gaining popularity among the top insurers of India. It is generally because of the different features it offers. On a single purchase of the Apollo Munich Insurance policy, you get the cushion for the two years. Students can quickly focus on their studies instead of wasting time in finding the best insurance policy provider.

  1. Bharti AXA Medical Insurance

Coming up from the Bharti, AXA Medical Insurance plan is one of the best insurance plans you can ask for. It covers almost every medical problem a student can face in abroad. Also, it has a 24-hour medical assistance facility which gives the students a sigh of relief.

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