It is wiser to plan smartly and save

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It is wiser to plan smartly and save



The decision to Study in a country having a global and volatile currency can lead to a situation where one ends up spending a lot more than the amount budgeted earlier. So one has to be very careful and cautious while planning for the same. So it is always advisable to evaluate all the surrounding aspects before finalizing on a financial parameter.

Seeing the value of rupee dropping by the day i.e. from Rs. 64 in Oct’15 to 67 in Jun’16, it is getting difficult especially for the Indian students to stick to their study budget over a period of time in the US. So it has become all the more important for students to save every single cent they can.

“Expensive university sponsored insurance”

As every international student needs to cover themselves under medical insurance at the start of their course, most of the universities offer a health insurance through a US insurance company. Generally, these plans are on the higher side as far as the cost is concerned with reasonably good benefits. Most universities give students a chance to opt out or waiving the same by purchasing a health insurance plan from an external insurance provider.

“Value for money health insurance by us”

Although there are only few insurance plans which comply with the waiver criteria of the university, but we offer university accepted health insurance plans which are priced almost 30%* lower than the university sponsored insurance plans which are at par or in some cases better than the university insurance in many aspects.

“Widest range of health insurance to choose from”

Our wide range of international student health insurance products makes it possible for us to offer you the best suited health plan which takes care the concerns of your domestic pocket and your chosen international university.

 “A financially and mentally peaceful mind would only be able to take fruitful decisions”
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