How to Use your Insurance Plan

Opting for Insurance can only be complemented by appropriate use of the Insurance plan so that the insured is able to utilize the full potential of the benefits offered by the Insurance plan.

Given below are the steps to use Insurance plans which students should keep handy at all times to the best out of the Insurance plans.

Be ready with your Insurance ID card

After you purchase the insurance plan from Student Cover, make sure you get your Insurance ID card. Following are the ways to get the same:

Indian plans:

Insurance ID card is an integral part of the policy document (for some insurance policy document is only needed).

US plans:

UHC: Insurance ID card is to be accessed by creating an account on

Visit the nearest and most appropriate medical facility

In case of a medical problem, follow the steps mentioned below:

a. In case of you are in and around University campus, preferably go to the Student Health Centre

b. In case you are not in or around the campus, then: –

Indian plans:

Go to the nearest medical facility which is appropriate for your kind of medical ailment, you are free to visit any medical provider

US plans:


Look for the nearest Preferred/In-network provider and visit them.


Indian plans:

After the treatment is done, please keep all the documents such as medical bills and payment receipts and follow the process:

  1. Intimate about the claim to be made to the toll-free number provided by the insurance company.
  2. Send the scanned copies of all the related original documents to the customer care Email ID.
  3. Confirm with the Insurance company if your Insurance claim has been submitted.

(Above steps are general in nature and not according to any insurance company or plan. So the claim procedure is subject to change according to an insurance company or plan)

US plans:

As the treatment is done by a preferred provider, so just display the Insurance ID card at the time of the treatment so as to let the medical provider submit the claim directly to the insurance company.

After the provider submits the claim to the Insurance company, student needs to pay the amount not covered under the Insurance plan.

Some medical provider might not charge the medical expenses directly to the Insurance company, then student has to pay the whole bill first (although some providers give few days to pay off the total bill) and then claim the amount covered under Insurance plan same as the case when treatment is taken from a non-preferred provider.

Treatment taken at a non-preferred provider:

When the treatment is taken at a non-preferred provider, then also student has to pay the whole bill first and then claim for reimbursement.


To apply for the medical claim, email the following documents to

  • All medical bills
  • Payment receipts
  • Account Statements of Debit/Credit card (from which medical bill payment has been made).
  • Insurance ID card

Student receives the claim amount through a cheque in the mailbox which is delivered on the registered address.

For detailed information please visit following link:

UHC Claim information


Indian Insurance

Contact the concerned Student Cover executive to know the status of your claim

International Insurance

You can always contact Student Cover executive to know the status of your claim, if you have a plan either

  1. UHC Plan:

If you are a student and would like to check on the status of a claim that you or a provider submitted, you will need to set up a MyAccount if you have not done so already.

Please visit our My Account Center to log in to an existing account or to create a new one.

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