US school sponsored Health Insurance 
for International Students

In US, the healthcare costs are very high, this affects extensively to the temporary migrants from other countries especially International Students. This makes Health Insurance coverage one of the most important things for these students.

Many Universities, colleges, professional & graduate schools offer a self-sponsored health insurance plan. Many schools require that you enrol in the school-sponsored plan unless you are able to show that you have comparable coverage from another external source. These external sources can be Insurance companies from the US or any foreign Insurance company offering valid plans in the US.

College-sponsored health insurance plans provide Insurance plans having features based on geographical and financial conditions of the particular state in which the college is located. Some provide plans with total medical expenses coverage ranging from $100,000 to Unlimited with standard coverage such as: Inpatient and outpatient treatment, Repatriation of remains, Medical evacuation, prescription drugs among others.

Following are the three most popular insurance situations international students may encounter:

  • School Mandated Plan

Every international student is required to enrol in the insurance plan of a company which is in tie-up with the school. The fees of the Insurance plan come as a part of the total semester fees and student is mandated to pay for the same every semester. This generally the case with schools in state wherein medical expenses are very high and schools cannot afford to rely on students for their health Insurance coverage.

  • School Sponsored Plan

International students have the option of either to enrol in the insurance plan offered by college in partnership with an Insurance company or to choose an insurance plan on their own from an external insurance company. The latter option can only be exercised only the chosen plan, whether a US or an Indian, meets a list of requirements set by the school to waive out the fees of school-sponsored insurance plan.

  • No Set Plan

Although not a prevalent option, some schools have neither a sponsored insurance plan nor they have any set insurance requirements for their international students and they can therefore, choose insurance plans suiting their personal medical and financial requirements.

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  1. Mohammad Patel-Reply
    February 13, 2019 at 6:16 PM

    Studying a broad is a dream of some students in India. I was one of them and fortunately I was able to studied abroad with the help of a relative and I have a student health insurance where I studied.

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