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The Dual Intent Bill: How has it improved the status of international students with F-1 Visa in the US?

There is no doubt that obtaining a US visa is a pretty heavy job, especially when studying in the US. The documentation and legal aspects might make one overly afraid about their visa applications or appeal to enter the country and pursue their careers. The trump government posed many challenges for international students, especially for India. The federal government previously

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The on & off campus Study Guidelines Part I: What to know about US university’s COVID updates for International Students?

  It has been challenging and troublesome to understand whether going abroad for higher studies would be a wise choice considering the pandemic’s stressful situation in the outer world. All the study abroad aspirants aiming to enter into any reputed college which offers their selection of subject or course have had a recent stumbling block on their road to fulfilling

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Ever since Donald John Trump got elected to the White House in 2016, he has been quite harsh on the issue of immigration. From pressuring immigration department to go slow on H1B visa processing; asking US corporations to hire ‘Americans only’; putting toddlers in cages, to building a wall across the 3,000 km border between the US and the Mexico,

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All you need to know about DS-160 form while applying for US Visa

Students going to the US for higher studies are required to obtain F-1 visa from the US Embassy or consulate in their respective countries. While applying for the F-1 Visa, students are also asked to fill certain forms that give detailed information about themselves as well as the purpose of the visit. DS-160 form is one such information form that

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