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Student Cover’s guide to studying in the US: Part 2 – Identifying the requirements

In Part 2 of 5 part Student Cover’s Guide to Studying in the US, we focus on the essential homework that a student must do before going ahead and preparing oneself for the admission process. After getting him or her acquainted with the Universities and colleges and deciding on the degree course to pursue, one should then go ahead and

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What To Look For When Selecting A Travel And Health Student Insurance?

WHAT SHOULD STUDENTS LOOK FOR WHEN SELECTING A TRAVEL AND HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN?   If you are planning to travel overseas to study or as part of excursion program, getting yourself insured would be a good idea. If you search the internet, you will find innumerable travel and health Insurance plans, both long term and short term, for students going

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What are the Requirements for Study in the USA

If United States is the country you wish to go to for higher studies, you might need more than just a passport and a visa. Every year, thousands of students apply in numerous colleges and universities all across United States. Most of them hope to settle down in the U.S. itself while others feel that that a degree from the

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