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International Students and U.S. vaccination: A Tale of Confusion

The world is consistently gearing up for the third wave of Delta variant that is reportedly more harmful than the second wave. The students are also prepping to leave their homes in the next 15 days to begin traveling to their respective universities. However, even before leaving, the confusion and vagueness have remained intact regarding vaccine and COVID guidelines, especially

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A Complete Guide to COVID Vaccination for the International Students

Previously, we discussed India’s vaccine situation and its clashing with the goals and dreams of all the study abroad aspirants targeting a degree program in an international university. Since then, many declarations and guidelines have been altered by foreign authorities and universities. These changes denote some relaxation and few difficulties too for the Indian students. A couple of months ago,

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What are the available Scholarships for some major Study Destination?

  The practice of financial and non-financial support to deserving students dates back to ancient times when education was not as organized as it is today. The origin term ‘scholarship,’ which, in modern-day, refers to ‘the source of funds for support and maintenance of scholar,’ can be traced back to the 16th century. In the 21st century, scholarships are viewed

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The on/off campus Study Abroad Guidelines Part III: What to know about Australian university’s COVID updates for International Students?

  In the last part of the on/off-campus guidelines for international students’ post-COVID, Student Cover talked about all the universities in European nations that have regulated their set of guidelines for all the previous and newly-enrolled groups of international students. The rules specifically added carrying a COVID negative test by the students to show it to the authorities while entering

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