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What do you need to know about Student Direct Stream (SDS)- The New Visa Program of Canada?

  Things have been a little overwhelming since the beginning and ongoing second wave of COVID-19 in India. All the study abroad aspirants are still having difficulty figuring out when there will be a clear picture of them entering overseas and continuing their undergraduate or post-graduate program physically inside the campuses. Moreover, as the unlock phase begins again in the

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What does studying abroad looks like for Indian Students in the post-pandemic world?

  By accepting a ‘new normal, we have conformed ourselves to the post-pandemic world. It will not come as a surprise if anyone claims not to remember the scenarios that prevailed while everything was in its ordinary course before the pandemic. The industries and lives have been majorly impacted due to COVID-19, even while there is now a vaccine amongst us.

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All you need to know about DS-160 form while applying for US Visa

Students going to the US for higher studies are required to obtain F-1 visa from the US Embassy or consulate in their respective countries. While applying for the F-1 Visa, students are also asked to fill certain forms that give detailed information about themselves as well as the purpose of the visit. DS-160 form is one such information form that

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