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20 terms that you should know before buying student health plan (part 2/2)

In part 1 of the 2 part blog series, we tried to explain the meaning of 10 terms associated with health insurance to our readers. In part 2, we bring you another set of 10 terms which a student must know before buying student health insurance in the US. Those readers who haven’t read part 1 of this blog series

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Explained – Terms ‘Preferred Providers’ & ‘Preferred Allowance’ in US health insurance

When you buy health insurance in the US, you usually come across the terms like ‘Preferred Provider’ or ‘Preferred Allowance’. Those who understand the literal meaning of the word ‘preferred’ are able to guess what the health insurance policy wants to convey to him or her through those words. The word ‘preferred’ generally means wishing, liking, desiring or choosing something

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What are ‘Usual and Customary Charges’ and how they differ from Preferred Allowance?

International students while buying health insurance often get confused with terms like ‘usual and customary charges’ and how they differ from ‘preferred allowance’. In this blog, Student Cover tries to explain what is meant by usual and customary charges and how they differ from ‘preferred allowance. What are ‘Usual and Customary’ charges? Whenever one gets treated in a hospital or

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