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Six Excuses We Make To Avoid Purchasing Travel Insurance

SIX EXCUSES WE MAKE TO AVOID PURCHASING TRAVEL INSURANCE   Metaphorically speaking, “Life is a journey in which we are all travelers”. Travelling in the 21st century is not as risky and arduous as it used to be in the past. Nevertheless, risks associated with travel have not been done away with completely. Be it an irritating train delay; frustrating

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Short Term Insurance: The Best Insurance For Students

SHORT TERM INSURANCE: THE BEST INSURANCE FOR STUDENTS   Advancements in the field of medical sciences have led to a simultaneous increase in the cost of treatment especially in countries like the US. Such high costs of treatment cause additional burden to the parents of those students who go to these countries for higher studies. Medical bill for even a

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Best Company to Get Overseas Student Medical Insurance

If you wish to go abroad for higher studies, then you need to prepare yourself for studying in a foreign country. As you are heading out of your home, many unforeseen events might be waiting to make your out of home living experience bumpy and uncomfortable. You never know what might happen in a new place among strangers? “Therefore it

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