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How can your GRE Score help in securing a Scholarship in the US?

To secure a good university in the US is a tough job, especially when you know you lack the financial means to fulfill that dream. It is no mystery that studying in US universities could cost a big sack of money. Suppose you are not part of a wealthy household upbringing; in that case, you need to set your options

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Every journey begins with the first step. If you ask any student is currently studying abroad, he or she will tell you that getting admission in a college or university abroad is not as simple as filling up some forms; it is a complicated and long drawn out affair. It requires a lot of planning and preparation. One has to

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Student Cover’s guide to studying in the US: Part 3 – Preparing Yourself

In part 3 of 5 part Student Cover’s guide to studying in the US, we try to provide important tips to students on how to prepare themselves for admission in US Colleges and Universities. In this blog, we essentially focus on the standardized admission tests and other requirements which help students secure admission in those institutions. As already mentioned in

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What are the Requirements for Study in the USA

If United States is the country you wish to go to for higher studies, you might need more than just a passport and a visa. Every year, thousands of students apply in numerous colleges and universities all across United States. Most of them hope to settle down in the U.S. itself while others feel that that a degree from the

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