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20 terms that you should know before buying student health plan (part 1/2)

Buying a student health insurance plan in countries like the US may be tricky for Indian students. This is because most Indian students are not familiar with the meaning of certain terms associated with health insurance in the US. Therefore, in order to help develop a proper understanding of those terms, Student Cover brings you a 2 part blog series

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What are Deductibles and how they differ from co-pay and co-insurance?

Terms like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance in health insurance plans often confuse students who go from countries like India to countries like the US, UK, Canada or Australia for higher studies. This is because the practice of cost sharing between the client and health insurance provider is quite alien in India. The cost for the insurance buyer is only limited

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How health insurance in the US is different from India?

While preparing to leave for the US to pursue their higher education dreams, not many students seem to be aware about the importance of health insurance in the United States. While few have basic idea about the kind of health insurance that is offered by their respective universities, most others view it just as a statutory obligation for international students

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What are ‘Usual and Customary Charges’ and how they differ from Preferred Allowance?

International students while buying health insurance often get confused with terms like ‘usual and customary charges’ and how they differ from ‘preferred allowance’. In this blog, Student Cover tries to explain what is meant by usual and customary charges and how they differ from ‘preferred allowance. What are ‘Usual and Customary’ charges? Whenever one gets treated in a hospital or

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