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International Students and U.S. vaccination: A Tale of Confusion

The world is consistently gearing up for the third wave of Delta variant that is reportedly more harmful than the second wave. The students are also prepping to leave their homes in the next 15 days to begin traveling to their respective universities. However, even before leaving, the confusion and vagueness have remained intact regarding vaccine and COVID guidelines, especially

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Delhi Government’s Special Vaccine Drive for Study Abroad Aspirants

Post the Indian Union Health Ministry’s announcement last week of a special vaccine drive for all the international travelers, the country capital Delhi has taken up the initiative to organize a particular vaccine drive at a centre specifically for all the students and people scheduled to travel abroad for employment education or participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games. On Sunday,

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The Rush for vaccination amidst the perplexed dreams for Studying Abroad

  The world has been fearful of a disease that continues to desolate humanity for over a year now. As a result, there has been a consistent endeavor to bring a scientific solution to this deadly disease. The efforts have been brought out to us in the form of the vaccination drive. As soon as the countries worldwide suffered from

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