Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance for overseas destinations such as US, UK, Germany, Australia etc. are very important, even obligatory for students to buy one in some countries such as USA and Schengen Countries. USA demands every international student to get enroll in any of the student travel insurance plans available be it domestic plans or any of the international plans.

Even if the students are visiting a country which has not made the concept of student travel insurance mandatory, they are advised to buy as it is extremely important and beneficial in terms of finance and medical safety. In terms of finance a student saves the hefty cost of medical services abroad and in terms of medical a student is more prone to get quick treatment as any hospital does not hesitate to take a patient who is insured under an accepted student travel insurance plan.

Save yourself from many unforeseen troubles that could arise while traveling abroad by subscribing for a student travel insurance plan with ease. In fact, globalization has led to rapid change in the life of students. With the availability of new options, students are inclined towards studying abroad to get the best education and a good career. However, in such cases, safety becomes a major concern for students. On the contrary, with so many student travel insurance plans present at this website, you won’t need to look anywhere else and stop worrying about your safety.

Talking about some facts, the number of students transferring to foreign places for studying is rising every year. In fact, it has become a trend in many Indian cities. It is a prosperous decision however with the amount of risk involved in the process; you should consider watching out for student travel insurance plans. From medical expenses to cost of hospitalization to loss of passport to unfortunate accidents, student travel insurance covers every kind of uncertainties to ensure that you stay safe abroad.

Why Should You Buy Student Travel Insurance? 

Studying in a place where you have never lived before can become a tough task for you. In fact, living alone abroad comes with many difficulties. There are possibilities where things could fall apart, and you won’t have anyone to watch your back. However, once you subscribe to a student travel insurance plan, you’ll always have someone’s support throughout your stay in the foreign country. Moreover, in addition to having support, you’ll also have the assurance of someone always watching your back in an unknown territory.

A travel policy takes care of many things including loss of passport to your hospitalization and medical expenses. No matter what the issue is, the travel insurance policy will cover everything. You can get rid of all the problems simply by paying some amount of money for student travel insurance. With the subscription of the plan, you get financial assistance as well as medical support during emergencies.

Benefits of Having Student Travel Insurance

Students have varying needs when they are transferring to a foreign place for studying purpose. There are a few essential items that your school might require in order to let you stay abroad. Thus, it is recommended that you initially fill us in with the details regarding your school to let us check the initial requirements that you need to fulfill in your student travel insurance plan.

There are even some cases where the school demands the student to sign up for student travel insurance. Even if they don’t have any such requirements, it is necessary that you pay required attention to your protection on the foreign lands by signing up for a student travel insurance plan. Example: What will you do in a foreign land during any medical emergency? There are times when such emergency could arise due to pre-existing conditions. Thus, it is essential that you wisely choose a student travel insurance plan that fulfills your requirement.

You can specifically design a plan for yourself as per your needs as well. If you want to include certain key elements in a plan or the necessary coverage, then you can contact us regarding the matter. We’ll add the features and offer you the best plan possible. With so many benefits, it is a no brainer that you should opt to sign up for a student travel insurance plan.

What Does This Insurance Policy Cover?

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Disablement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Maternity
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Loss of Passport
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Mental Health
  • Loss of Checked Baggage
  • Delay of Checked Baggage
  • Personal Liability
  • Bail Bond
  • Study Interruption
  • Compassionate Visit
  • Tuition Fees (In case of accidental death)
  • Psychological Coverage
  • Treatment for Expectant Mothers
  • Cancer Screening and Mammography Examinations
  • Childcare Benefit

What Does This Insurance Policy Not Cover?

  • Injuries from Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries
  • Congenital Illnesses
  • STD’s
  • Wellness
  • Elective Surgery


Eligibility For Student Travel Insurance

There are very few requirements for signing up for student travel insurance. Usually, the eligibility the insurance is based on the age of the person in contention. Breaking out of the suspense air, here are some requirement what a student should fulfill in order to get a student travel insurance.

Students are eligible to enter a student travel insurance plan only if they are 16 years of age or older than the number. Though, a particular person above 35 years of age is not eligible to buy a student travel insurance plan.

The insurance is specifically limited to Indian students who are planning to go abroad for pursuing higher studies. In addition to the newbies, existing Indian students who are studying in a foreign place can also opt for student travel insurance.

Tips For Choosing Best Student Insurance Plan

Since you have already made your mind for buying a student travel insurance plan, the next task is to find which one is the best for you. To be noted, the process of the purchase of a specific student travel insurance plan is a very confusing task. From college to visa requirements, you have to consider a lot of things before signing up for student travel insurance. However, to end your confusion, here are few tips that can prove out to be useful for you in deciding the best student travel insurance plan:

  1. Check Your Visa Requirements: Many foreign places in the world like the United States have special insurance needs that you are asked to fulfill in order to enter the country. Students with F1 visa have to follow guidelines given to them by their institution whereas the one with J1 visa has to follow federal standards. Thus, check your visa requirements and buy a plan accordingly.
  2. Check Your School’s Requirements: Many schools abroad provide waiver form to students that an international student travel insurance plan must contain. Thus, make sure that your plan takes care of all the requirements. However, before doing so, check out if you need a waiver form or not by asking about the matter to the school directly.
  3. Spend Wisely: Even though student travel insurance plans are relatively cheaper now and easily affordable, it is still advised that you must have a look at all kinds of expenses. You don’t need to spend too much, instead spend smart. Take a note of any out of the pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-insurance or any other thing to the insurance company.
  4. Check Eligibility & Documents: Once you are satisfied with the insurance company after discussing the necessary payment requirements and other few aspects, check if you are eligible for signing for the student travel insurance plan. In some cases, insurance plan requires you to attend your school for some hours in order to stay eligible for the same. Thus, it is recommended that you have proper knowledge of your documents and other important guidelines before making any move ahead.
  5. Know the Validity of the Plan: You should also know the validity of a student travel insurance plan before you sign up for the same. Usually, student travel insurance plans can be renewed for up to four years however some plans can scale up to 5 as well. If you are going to stay in a foreign land for a lesser number of time, contact the insurance company and discuss the matter beforehand.

Various Types of Travel Insurance

People can choose their preferred coverage to opt for a travel insurance on the basis of their requirements out of any of these types of travel insurance:

  • Domestic Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to travel within the country. It covers medical emergencies, permanent disability, and death, checked in missing baggage, delay, and personal liability.
  • International Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to travel out of the country. It covers medical expenses overseas, hijacks, baggage, delays, evacuation, loss of documents in addition to the usual travel insurance coverage.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to travel in corporate tours. It includes the coverage for both domestic and international trips.
  • Medical Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to want health care benefits during traveling specifically. It covers the usual medical coverage. Precisely, the inclusions and exclusions in the plan are decided by the customer.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are 61 years of age or older. It covers dental treatment and also includes cashless hospital alongside all the other health coverage.
  • Family Travel Insurance: It is meant for an entire family that wants insurance during their travel from travel insurance companies. This covers hospitalization, baggage loss, and incidental expenses.
  • Individual Travel Insurance: It is meant for individuals who are traveling within the country or to another country. It covers home burglary, trip curtailment, and other few aspects as well.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to travel in more than one trip in the same year. The plan covers all the necessary coverage. As a matter of fact, this plan was specially outlined to ensure that you won’t need to sign up for a new travel insurance plan whenever you travel.
  • Single trip travel Insurance: It is meant for customers who are aiming to travel for a single trip. It covers medical and other emergencies in addition to baggage issues during the trip.

Many insurance companies offer a standard student travel insurance plan apart from their customized plans. If you encounter unpleasant experiences such as an accident or any injury in a foreign country, a comprehensive student medical insurance would be of great help. Students who do not buy a medical student travel insurance policy for their child simply do not know the benefits attached to it. Here are a few benefits you must know about student travel insurance: –


  • Permanent Total/Partial Disablement,
  • Compassionate Visit,
  • Loss of Checked-in baggage,
  • Delay of Checked-in baggage,
  • Loss of passport,
  • Loss of international driving, License,
  • Personal Liability, Study interruption,
  • Sponsor Protection,
  • Bail Bond,
  • University Insolvency,
  • Trip Delay,
  • Loss of Laptop/tablet,
  • Emergency Cash Advance,
  • Coverage at Home Country,
  • Treatments of Mental and Nervous disorders,
  • Treatments of Alcoholism,
  • Cancer Screening

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