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Student Cover is glad to announce a never seen before offer for study abroad aspirants.

Study abroad aspirants, who are opting for our products & services would get host of complimentary products with great benefits so as to make your life smoother in the US.
Check out below the complimentary products: Valid till 22nd Aug 2022

Cost Nill
APR Upto 15 months (No interest on pending payment)
SSN required No
Annual fee No
Cashback Upto 10%
Credit limit upto $5000

The US based Credit card is a unique financial product designed specifically for international students in the US. There is also provision of US bank account from the along with this credit card. For detailed information please click on the link:

Cost Nill
Mobile data @ 4G 1GB
US to India Calling UNLIMITED
Locals Calls in US UNLIMITED
Delivery Indian address
Mobile network LYCA US
Validity 1 Month

The sim card is from LYCA US which is a US based mobile network company. Its unlimited calling feature is a boon to the students who are away from their home and family.

Cost Nill
Medical coverage for 3-day period $50k
Loss of luggage & passport $500
Financial Emergency Assistance $1k
Personal accident $15k
Trip Cancellations $500

The overseas travel insurance is a specific product created only for Student Cover customers by ICICI Lombard general insurance. (This travel insurance can only be availed free of cost, if you are enrolling in the health insurance plans offered by Student Cover, otherwise there is a cost that student has to pay)

You will get an online shopping voucher worth $10 from Amazon. You can buy any of the eligible products which you may need or wish for while in the US. *Students who are not opting for our products & services would get Rs. 500 Amazon voucher only.
Contact the representative from Student Cover to avail the amazon vouchers for your group

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If you do not have visa letter yet, then you may email the same later at mentioning your name and registered email ID


  • All the above products can only be availed if student use any of products and services offered by Student Cover. Otherwise, student has to pay extra amount to avail the same.
  • Travel Insurance can be taken upto a period of 30 days at a discounted price of Rs. 62/day only
  • It is mandatory to opt for the Credit card under this offer. The credit card account cannot be closed before you arrive in the US.
  • Sim card & Amazon voucher can only be provided to students who have successfully applied for the offered Credit card with Student Cover.
  • Always check the compatibility of your mobile phone with the sim card from
  • Do not use the Sim Card before arrival in the US.
  • Normal delivery time for Sim card is 5 days. For urgent delivery, charges to be borne by customer
  • Amazon Voucher code would be provided in the month of September 2022.
  • Amazon voucher worth $10 can only be availed only till August 22nd. Therafter, value of the voucher will be reduced.
  • If you have already applied for credit card with Zolve, then you would not be eligible for any complimentary products except 3-day travel insurance
  • Students who are taking Education loan from Student Cover, they would be inelgibile for Sim Card under this offer.
  • By registering on this webpage, you are accepting all the T&C’s given above.

Student Cover understands the importance personal information and respects the individual privacy of our customers. Student Cover will not use the above information for any purpose other than for which it is being furnished. Student Cover will not share the above information with any other company or individual outside the purview of Student Cover.

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