Student Building Program

As a pioneering student consultant, Student Cover is always eager to facilitate students in every possible way. While students are availing our leading products and services we make sure that they have some side benefits along the way. We have programs such as:

Student referral program

We believe that students are the pioneers of tomorrow and they should get all the help in their formative years. So we help them a little towards keeping their budget under control by giving them a bonus and other schemes when they refer their friends for the purchase of our products.

These referral bonus and schemes helps students in two big ways: –

  1. Students get a little financial help to curb their monthly budget by earning a part time income for which they do not have to do much. This easily can be done through verbal and online communication which is not at all time-consuming.
  2. Many students get aware of our beneficial insurance plans through the verbal and online marketing done by other students, who otherwise would have not share these plans with other students.

Student association program

Student association program is program wherein we partner with Indian student association of universities to create awareness about our products among its members, and in return Student Cover financially sponsor their periodical events. The associations only partner with various organizations on following basis: –

  1. Organizations which have worthy products and services which actually are in interest of the students.
  2. Organizations, products of which are already bought by some of the students of those particular universities and associations can actually verify the benefits of the products.
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