Services for acceptance

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Services for acceptance




Insurance plans we have are accepted in maximum number of university. We provide assistance in getting the policies approved/accepted by the Universities or the Countries.

There are specific conditions depending upon the Country or State or University the student is travelling to, these conditions needs to be covered under the policy then only the coverage can be approved by the University, so its really important to check all the special coverage’s and requirements before going ahead with any overseas insurance.

We at Student Cover have own set of database of all the conditions & requirements, which are required by any particular Country, State or University and simultaneously we keep touch with the Universities regarding the latest updates on coverage requirements.

For an example: If the University or State has a mandatory requirement for pre-existing disease coverage under the policy, in this case your policy should include the coverage for pre-existing diseases else the policy can never be accepted and these details should be clearly mentioned on the policy, similarly all the waiver requirements set by the university should be written on the policy document, which is submitted to the university after filing the waiver.


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