SC Student Loan

SC Student Loan

As more students than ever heading to foreign universities at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, many parents in India are taking student education loan in the form of secured and unsecured loan both. Many are pledging their homes as collateral for student education loan taken to meet the cost of their children’s education overseas, including tuition and living expenses.

Among the agencies providing such student education loan, SC student loan is one of the leading products from Student Cover, which is a 10-year-old expert in the student service industry. SC student loan is the most sought after financial products as we have tie-ups with recognized and reliable banks and finance companies which enables Student Cover to offer varied SC student loan schemes to suit varied needs of Indian students hoping to go abroad to realize their dream.

Following features and benefits are provided under SC student loan schemes: –

  • Options from three financial companies – SC student loan promises the student to circulate their loan application profile to at least three banks so that chances of getting the desired loan amount at lowest rate of interest are improved a great deal.
  • Unsecured loan amount up to 40L – SC student loan offers deserving loan application profiles an education loan upto 40 lacs without any collateral involved. This is an unmatched feature of Student Cover which can be considered our USP.
  • Quick loan sanction processing of 4 days – SC student loan promises applicants a quick loan sanctioning process which would be as fast as 4 days.
  • Loan for 100% tuition fees and living expenses – SC student loan provides loan not only upto the amount of complete tuition fees but more than that as well including for covering living expenses.
  • Pre-Visa Loan Disbursement – SC student loan provides loan before the visa is done purely on the basis of admission letter from the university.
  • ROI starting as low as 12.75% – SC student loan provides the most competitive ROI for both secured and unsecured loan especially for unsecured loan which can be levied at as low as 12.75% depending upon the application.


No processing from Student Cover – SC student loan charges no processing fees whatsoever at any stage and do all your work online without for a student to go through any hassle.

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