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Assist in getting loan approved for weak financial profile students

According to statistical data, more than 50% of the Indian students who want to pursue their MS with a good academic profile, have a not so strong financial profile which not only hinders them to finance their international education themselves but also does not give them a chance of getting education loans easily in most cases.

So, Student Cover consciously helps these kinds of candidates and dedicatedly work out one or the other loan options so that
                                “Lack of finances does not kill the American Dream”

Assist in getting the lowest ROI for maximum loan amount

While deciding for an education loan, ROI applicable on the loan amount becomes the decisive factor in most cases because “Lowest the ROI, less financial expense”.

So, at Student Cover, we offer students the lowest ROI in the industry with a given loan amount and financial profiles of the applicant & the co-borrower. As we are an established player in the student loan market, we know how to work out various options and schemes with the loan companies so as to offer

                                            “Maximum loan amount at lowest interest rates”.

Assist in giving various loan payback options

Student Cover offers such loan schemes to students which are quite flexible and customized in terms of payback options. These loan schemes have various payback options which can be chosen by the student according to his paying capacity. Words of Wisdom says:

              “More the monthly loan payments, more a student saves on education loan”

Assist in getting complimentary products at discounted prices

Students who take education loans through our free of cost prompt and effective loan services, become so much value to us that we offer them great deals and discounts on the following essential products for an international student:

  1. Student overseas health and travel insurance
  2. International calling/sim cards
  3. Forex remittance services and cards

These products are anyways required by the students visiting international destinations, so we give these:

“Mandatory products at Impressive prices”

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