Insurance Products

With our tie-up with many insurance companies around the globe, we provide following insurance services

Cost effective insurance plans with maximum coverages: Our Insurance plans are most cost effective in the market with premiums starting from $544 for US based insurance companies and Rs 16854 for Indian Companies.

Product Benefits:

# Benefits Coverages of all plans
1 Policy Coverage or Medical Expenses

Policy coverage is the amount of risk or liability covered for an individual. Insurance coverage is issued by an insurer in the event of an unforeseen or unwanted occurrences.

Or Medical Expenses (Covers the medical expenses incurred by the insured person for inpatient treatment arising out of any illness or injury)


US $50,000 – Unlimited Maximum Benefits

(PPACA plans)

2 Co-Insurance the percentage of Covered Medical Expenses that company pays in other words percentage of the claim divided between the insured and the insurance company. 0% – 70%
3 Preventive Care Services

Preventive care lets your doctor find potential health problems BEFORE you feel sick. Preventive care can include immunizations, lab tests, physical exams and prescriptions. Diagnostic services help your doctor understand your symptoms or diagnose your illness.

100% of the claim amount

(PPACA plans)

4 Pre-Existing Conditions 

Pre-existing condition is a medical condition that starts before a person’s health insurance went into effect in other words a pre-existing condition is any condition for which the patient has already received medical advice or treatment prior to enrollment in a new medical insurance plan.

Plans with no limitations

(PPACA plans)

5 Prescription Drugs Claims can be taken upto the sum-insured
6 Mental Illness a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behavior or thinking. Plans with no limitations (plans where the treatments is covered as any other sickness)
7 Vision and Dental Benefits

A type of health insurance plan under which vision or dental care, such as eye or teeth examination, and vision aids, such as glasses or contacts, are at least partially covered, dental surgery such as root cannel are at least partially covered.

Plans covering treatment and general checks-up other than accidental injuries
8 Substance abuse also known as drug abuse, is a patterned use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others, and is a form of substance-related disorder. Plans with no limitations (plans where the treatments is covered as any other sickness)
9 Maternity Benefits A payment or other allowance made by the insurance company to a woman during pregnancy or after childbirth. Plans with no limitations (plans where the treatments is covered as any other sickness)
10 In-Patient Care an uninterrupted confinement that follows formal admission to a Hospital by reason of an Injury or Sickness for which benefits are payable under this policy. Up-to the Sum-Insured

(Plans where treatments is covered up-to the sum-insured)

11 Hazardous Sports An extreme sport (also called action sport and adventure sport) is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger, and that are counter-cultural. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts. Plans with no limitations (plans where the treatments is covered as any other sickness)
12 Repatriations of Remains or medical evacuation

Something bad happens to you and you are sent home, for example, via an air ambulance or Something even worse happens to you (you pass away) and your body is transported home.[/accordion]

Plans with 100% coverage
13 [accordion title=”Extended cover in the country of residence” is_open=”no”]…[/accordion] Plans with coverage Up-to Sum-Insured
14 [accordion title=”Out-Patient Care” is_open=”no”]a patient who is not hospitalized overnight but who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment—compare inpatient.[/accordion] Plans with coverage Up-to Sum-Insured
15 [accordion title=”Accidental Death” is_open=”no”]Accidental death, as defined in accidental death insurance policies, is any death strictly due to accident. It typically excludes such things as acts of war, death caused by illegal activities, etc. Hazardous hobbies in which the insured regularly engages are generally specifically excluded as well. US $2500 – $30,000
16 Travel-Benefits Permanent Total/Partial Disablement, Compassionate Visit, Loss of Checked-in baggage, Delay of Checked-in baggage, Loss of passport, Loss of international driving, License, Personal Liability, Study interruption, Sponsor Protection, Bail Bond, University Insolvency, Trip Delay, Loss of Laptop/tablet, Emergency Cash Advance, Coverage at Home Country, Treatments of Mental and Nervous disorders, Treatments of Alcoholism, Cancer Screening