Insurance & Loan Assisting Services

At Student Cover, we offer assisting services which are integral part of our products and which are ultimately combined to give the most superior product experience. Our services comprehensively cover the range of products we offer be it Overseas Health and Travel Insurance and Education Loan or Forex and calling cards. Services such as the following helps us to ensure great customer satisfaction.

Insurance Services

Insurance Acceptance

In U.S. almost all the universities give an option to the International students either to get themselves enrolled in the University sponsored Insurance plan or any external Health Insurance plan which is accepted by the University.

Universities which give the option to take up the external health Insurance plans, work on a Health Insurance waiver model according to which if students who are taking the external health Insurance plan have to get a waiver of the university sponsored Insurance plan. The University Insurance waiver is only to be given in the circumstances where the external health Insurance plan taken by the student is fulfilling certain requirements laid down by the University.

Some of the common points for the Insurance waiver requirement: –

  • Maximum coverage should be upto certain amount
  • Annual/per treatment deductible should be less than a certain amount
  • Out of pocket maximum should be less than a certain amount
  • Should have coverage for Medical Evacuation and repatriation.
  • Should cover students for certain period of time (either full year or semester wise)

The plans that we offer are of a wide range which fulfills the waiver requirements of most of the Universities but in cases where our plans do not fulfill one or two points of the waiver requirements then we request to customize the plan to the Insurance company so as to fulfill all the waiver requirements and ultimately student can take our plan and get the waiver acceptance.

Insurance Waiver filing

As mentioned in the point above, Universities in the U.S. need students to buy an external health insurance plans which fulfill certain requirements so as to get the waiver acceptance. So, getting the waiver acceptance becomes the most important thing so as to save huge on health Insurance in the U.S.

Waiver process is the process whereby the Universities evaluates the health Insurance plan taken by students from a external provider. Student might take a plan which has all the features and benefits to fulfill the Insurance waiver requirements put down by the University but if they fail to file the waiver application in the desired way, then it might get rejected.
This is where Student Cover comes in and helps the students gets through the whole process of purchasing the external Health Insurance plan. Student Cover not only helps the student in identifying the best plan for his/her University and for his/her personal medical needs but also let them to complete the process by guiding them intuitively to file the application waiver of the University health Insurance.

We give a full guarantee on the acceptance of waiver application by the University for the plans we offer for that particular University students. Acceptance rate for our plans has been 99% over the past years and as far as the 1% plans are concerned which have been rejected, whole premium paid by the student for those plans were completely refunded.

Dedicated Customer Handling

As our customers are young age students, Student Cover works on friendly approach when taking care of them. We absolutely know what works best for them and how their queries, whether pre-sales or post sales, are to be answered so everything works smoothly.

We have dedicated customer care experts, categorized according to Universities & Countries. So students from a particular Country and the University would be under the jurisdiction of a particular executive right from the beginning from the stage where the student is introduced the Insurance plans and all along after the purchase.

So, the executive would be knowing the student sort of personally and vice versa and student would be contacting the same executive every time for any query which makes them comfortable in briefing about the issue at hand.

Assistance for Claim Settlement

The most important part of after sales services of any Insurance product is claim processing and settlement. Assistance in claim settlement is generally done by the Third Party Administrator (TPA) appointed by the Insurance company. For students in case they need claim assistance they have the following two point of contacts: –

  • TPA – In case students need to claim the amount they paid they can either register the claim at the time of the treatment by calling the claim assistance number on the Insurance ID card or the Policy and follow-up with them for the claim reimbursement thereon.
  • Student Cover – Students have an extra point of contact other than the Insurance company and the TPA for anything related to their policy be it Insurance waiver, searching medical providers or claim assistance. In respect of claim assistance, they can call us during anytime i.e. before the treatment, during it or after the same. We will put across your query to the TPA/Insurance company and follow it up until everything is settled.

Student Cover will provide better solution to your claim queries as compared to TPA/Insurance company as you will be in contact with only one person who will know everything about your case and you will be comfortable enough to talk to them and get your work done.

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