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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance plan is essential for all the children that are studying abroad. The heart of the matter is that regardless of where you are, your health is going to be your topmost priority. Moreover, when you go out of your home country in a foreign land, it becomes necessary to sign up for a premium health insurance plan. With the increase in the number of students going to foreign countries for pursuing various degrees, there has been a huge increment in the number of companies providing student health insurance plans to people. In these circumstances, choosing the perfect student health insurance plan may become a headache for you. Thus, read out this article and know the must-have aspects in your student insurance plan.

Initially, student health insurance is a policy that ensures that the ward gets cashless treatments without any need of managing expenses themselves in foreign countries. If a student falls ill, then the contract between the insurance company and the student comes into play. The insurance company covers all the expenses of the treatment if it matches the signed up policies of the student health insurance plan. The need for this attribute is well known to the whole world. Medical expenses in foreign countries cost students a fortune. Therefore, having a student health insurance plan in your pocket, you can get rid of all troubles through the cashless facility offered by the student health insurance plan and cure yourself at a relatively faster rate.

Why Should You Buy Student Health Insurance?

Everyone in the world understands the importance of health. It is the top priority of every person around the globe. However, when you send your child to a foreign land, it becomes an even more concerned topic. In these cases, a student health insurance that includes medical outlay, medication costs, testing costs, hospitalization costs, etc. can significantly help you in having a tension-free stay abroad. Questions such as ‘Which Student Insurance Plan To Buy?’m ‘Which Student Insurance Plan Covers Everything?’ and many others can become a topic of concern for you as well. For resolving these confusions, we have written this informative article to let you in on every aspect of a student health insurance policy.

First of all, you should understand the importance of getting a student insurance plan. The medical treatment costs are getting expensive day by day in India. The costs are even more costly outside India. In cases of emergency, a student health insurance takes care of everything. You stay out of trouble, and the insurance company handles all the expenses. No need of putting any strain on your existing savings. No need to compromise your future goals because of a minor medical hurdle. A student health insurance plan aids the person in saving a lot of troubles by helping them out in emergencies abroad.

Benefits of Having Student Health Insurance

Various international schools initially ask students to sign up for a student health insurance. Therefore, one of the main advantages of having a student health insurance plan is that you will never feel any complications from the school of your children when they study abroad. These health insurance plans offer coverage to students on a monthly basis and nearly exceed all the requirements of school and government on the foreign land. On the other hand, we have heard the saying ‘Health is Wealth.’ It clearly describes the importance of health. With the ever-increasing medical treatment rates abroad, even a medical checkup could hurt the pocket money of your children. Ultimately, medical expenses become a headache for your kids, and they’ll try to avoid having checkups for the sake of staying tension free. A student health insurance plan will save children from all the troubles by providing them free medical treatments with no need of paying any hospitalization costs, laboratory test costs and many other medical related expenses.

You can determine your present needs as well as future needs. Understand that the medical expenses are way more expensive. Even if you can afford these expensive medical treatment costs, it might become a cause of tension for your children in case of emergencies. The insurance company will always look after your kids while they study abroad. No matter how much small the issue is, student health insurance will cover everything that you have signed up for. A student health insurance will help you in saving thousands of taxes that come under the Income Tax Act and offer you regular health check-ups, free pre and post hospitalization costs and care in addition to cashless medical services out of your home country. Therefore, instead of caring about the health issues, your child can focus on studying and let us take care of the health part.

What Does this Insurance Policy Cover?

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation:
  3. Repatriation of Remains
  4. Emergency Reunion
  5. Accidental Death
  6. Sports and Activities
  7. Personal Liability and many other aspects…

What it doesn’t

  1. It does not include emergency medical evacuation for diseases not signed in the insurance plan.
  2. Expenses are not covered if they arise directly or indirectly from anything listed in the General Exclusions.
  3. Costs of accidents or loss of life caused by Terrorism act, violent riot participation, suicide, mental health disorder, pregnancy, injuries or death caused because of driving a vehicle and any other non-covered sports activity will not be covered.
  4. Sports that are not sanctioned by your international school or any other activity performed for any particular wager or profit will not be covered.
  5. Damages caused due to any fire, water leak, gas leak, explosion, etc. will not be involved in the personal liability section.
  6. Expenses in Terrorism will not be covered if you have any involvement in the act of Terrorism.
  7. Congenital Illnesses
  8. Mental Health Disorders

Eligibility for Student Health Insurance

The eligibility for a student health insurance plan heavily depends upon the university recognized criteria of that particular international school. Also, remember that students that are enrolled in distance education courses are not eligible to sign up for a student health insurance.

Undergraduate students qualify for a student health insurance if they have enrolled themselves in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester in a degree-seeking program. They can sign up for it if they pass through these two requirements and if they can pay the university Student Health Fee.

Graduate students are eligible for a student health insurance if they have enrolled themselves in a minimum of 1 credit hours per semester in a degree-seeking program. They can sign up for it if they pass through these two requirements and if they can pay the university Student Health Fee.

All Other Types of Health Insurance Plans

There are many other kinds of health insurance plans in addition to student health insurance plans including:

Individual Health Insurance Plan

This insurance plan offers advantages such as cashless hospitalization with many add-ons. However, it is available for only one individual.

Family Health Insurance Plan

This insurance policy offers advantages such as cashless hospitalization, medical treatment for multiple diseases and many add-ons. The benefits of this insurance plan can be included for all of your family members.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

This insurance policy offers an advantage such as protection from health issues during old age for people above 60 years. As per the IRDAI guidelines, every company must include people up to the age of 65 years under this insurance plan.

Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance Plan

This insurance plan offers an advantage such as medical treatment for critical illness likes paralysis, kidney failure, heart attack, etc. that could directly harm the life of the particular person. A critical illness is a serious disease that could even result in the loss of life of the subject.

Maternity Health Insurance

This insurance plan covers additional costs that could become a concern for you during pre and post pregnancy period in addition to transportation fee for taking the mother of the child to the nearby hospital. It will cover the costs related to the newborn baby up to the validity signed date of this insurance policy.

Personal Accident Cover Insurance Plan

This insurance plan covers the costs of hospitalization and other medical expenses in the event of an accident. It is valid only for unforeseen events such accident that could even result in the death or disability of the person signed up for the insurance plan.

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