[tabs type=”vertical”]
[tab title=”Before Purchase”]
[accordion title=”Coverage provided under the plan?” is_open=”yes”]Our plan provides Medical as well as travel coverage.

[accordion title=”Who is eligible for the plan?” is_open=”no”]Our plans are offered to the student & individual , visiting any part of world on travel Or student visa [/accordion]

[tab title=”Purchase Process”]
[accordion title=”How will I receive a confirmation of insurance letter after the purchase?” is_open=”yes”]You will receive the policy copy via email.

[accordion title=”How can I get my id card?” is_open=”no”]It will come along with the policy copy

[accordion title=”Do I need to submit a proof of visa when we purchase the plan?” is_open=”no”]No, you don’t have to submit the visa proof.

[tab title=”Waiver Process”]

[accordion title=”How can I show proof of insurance plan to my school?” is_open=”yes”]You can provide them with the policy copy which will be providing to you

[accordion title=”Can student team help me to fill out the waiver form?” is_open=”no”]Yes, student team will surely help the student with filling the waiver form.

[accordion title=”How can I check my waiver status if submitted online?
” is_open=”no”]If , you submit the waiver online you will get the instant reply stating the approval or disapproval of your Wavier form [/accordion]


[tab title=”Doctor / Hospital”]
[accordion title=”Is there any list of hospital that will be provided to me before leaving to US?
” is_open=”yes”]No, we will not provide you with any list of hospitals you can visit any hospital any clinic nearby to you.

[accordion title=”Who should I contact when I am sick or injured?” is_open=”no”]You can reach us on the below mentioned number
In USA : +1 877 352 7706 (Toll Free)
In Canada +1 877 352 7693 (Toll Free)
From the rest of the world: +91 22 6787 2010(Call back facility)
Email Id – icicilombard@europ-assistance.in [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will I be provided with a cashless facility or a reimbursement?” is_open=”no”]We provide cashless treatment for inpatient treatment & reimbursement facility for outpatient treatment. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”How can I check my claim status?” is_open=”no”]You, can call on our toll free number or mail us asking for the same.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How long is the claim processing?” is_open=”no”]In patient : TPA settles bills directly / provides financial assistance
Out patient : TPA to check and reimbursement payment within 15 days. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What should I do if I received medical bills from the hospital?
” is_open=”no”]You can inform us on our provided email id , so that we can look into the matter

[tab title=”General Question”]

[accordion title=”What is pre-existing diseases?” is_open=”yes”]A pre-existing condition is any injury or illness that existed prior to the date your insurance enters into effect. A pre-existing condition includes any injury or illness that you suffered from, received treatment for, and/or were prescribed medication for prior to the date your insurance started.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What is deductible?” is_open=”no”]A deductible is the dollar amount of out-of-pocket expense you must pay to the doctor or hospital before your policy pays any benefits. The deductible is calculated per treatment, not per visit.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What if the policy get reject by the university?
” is_open=”no”]We commit to refund the total money back to the insured, if the policy get reject by the university[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I purchase a plan if I do not find my school name on the special school page?” is_open=”no”]Yes, of course you can mail us mentioning your school name & our team member will reply you with all the needful information required from your end.