Have a doubt on domestic insurance then

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Have a doubt on domestic insurance then


Insurance is a growing industry in India. It is still far away from a situation, looking at which it can be said that Insurance is a thing of the masses. Though people can rely on the policies offered by local providers when buying insurance for use in Indian territory, but when the territory covered by a policy is outside India then it would always be more beneficial to rely on an insurance provider offering a policy matching up to the international standards. So, as a consultant we have an option of getting a student, going to US for study purpose, an internationally recognized medical insurance cover.

  • “No point taking a cheap domestic health plan when it is not accepted by your university”
  • “Choose a well featured, reasonably priced and university accepted health plan”

Sticking to the study abroad budget becomes a big concern for Indian students, due to the volatile nature of USD. This concern leads to a money saving approach in every aspect of the preparation activity. Mandatory health insurance is one of those activities which seem a bit unnecessary thereby less valuable to spend enough money on. This leads to the fact student buy a health plan from domestic insurance companies due to their cheap price without taking care of the concern whether it will be accepted by the university or not.
In universities where a domestic health plan is fulfilling all the waiver requirements, then it is always advisable to go for the same as you do not need anything else. Otherwise, student should consider plans which are duly accepted even if it is from the US insurance company and priced higher in USD.
Benefits of a domestically available US health plan are as follows:-

  • US authorized and registered company.
  • Multiple point of customer care contact i.e.
    • International office for yourself and
    • domestic office for your parents to contact us in India.
  • Fast and smooth claim settlement due to the presence of claims office in US.
  • Better geographical and environmental understanding of the area of operation.
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