Cheapest Student Insurance Plans: Plans @ 1/3rd Price of the University Insurance



Student Cover has the most cost-effective insurance plans with acceptable benefits. Not only they can be bought around 1/3rd cost when compared with the Insurance plans from Universities in the U.S. but they are also acceptable by almost all the Universities as they have leading insurance features and benefits.

In the U.S., there exists no concept of public health care unlike countries UK or India, which have either government-sponsored public health care system or public health insurance companies which cover the general public automatically. In the absence of the same, it is an open market of health insurance in which almost all the players are private health insurance companies.


Almost every University in the U.S. has a tie-up with any of the private health insurance companies through which it offers these insurance plans to every international student (with few exceptions). The average annual premium of these plans is around $2,000, which seems on higher side especially to students from India. Plans offered by some of the University may go up to $4,000/year. To avoid the Universities to monopolize in this regard, the government has forced them to not to make the university sponsored health insurance a mandate for an international student.

Barring a few of the Universities, every University also gives an option to international students to take a health insurance plan from an external health insurance provider only if it fulfills insurance requirements laid down by the University. If a student chooses a plan which fulfills the requirements of the University then the student can waive the University Sponsored Insurance.

Now, Seeing the value of Rupee dropping by the day it is getting difficult especially for the Indian students visiting the USA as they have to expand their study abroad budget. So, it has become all the more important for students to save every single cent they can.

Keeping in mind this factor, Student Cover has come up with Student Health Insurance plans from biggest and renowned Student Health Insurance companies in India and USA which have plans through which students would incur 50% less on Insurance premium as well as regular medical expenses in the following ways: –

Saving on Insurance premium

The annual premium of the plans offered by Student Cover is starting from less than $400 which is far less than the average annual premium of $1,500-$2,000 of the insurance plans offered by University. There might be plans offered by some University at around $4,000/year.

For example – if the student has the option to buy an external health insurance plan then he can easily waive out the University offered Insurance plan that comes with a higher premium and saves the difference in cost of the two comparable plans.

Saving on medical expenses

Our plans come with comprehensive and commonly needed benefits which can save more on the payment of medical bills as a student would have to pay 20% less as part of payment which has to be incurred by the student(insured) under Student Health Insurance. This amount of saving can prove to be a real booster to a student’s monthly or the variable budget.

For example – in the plans offered by some of the Universities they have a higher co-insurance percentage to be paid by the student but Student Cover has plans in which the student is only paying minimum co-insurance percentage of the medical bill.

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